One Summer Day
The air was fresh
Warm on my silky soft skin
My hair going in the summer breeze
The sun making it shiny
The grass ever so green
The water clear as oceansThe birds are singing
The tress moving in the wind

I see you they’re looking at me
Your eyes looking deep in to my soul
Your heart full of love

It’s a nice summer day
My feet in the sand
My dress moving back and forth

The clouds passing me by
It is I that you see
As you touch my hand

Say that you will be with me
I am the only 1 for you
As you are the only one for me

It’s a nice summer day
And we will be together
This day will last
As you hold my hand
Say that you will be
Forever Here for me

I am loved by thee

One Summer Day
By Lana Poulson