Sexy & sweet

Sassy but soft

I am just me
like a butterfly on a tree
I’m tall and smart
Honest but Real
Could this be true

Your great and hunky
a smile that melts me
A touch that shivers me
I’m in heaven once again

A poet that i am
I can see things coming
A moment in time
You hold my hand
A day that came
I messaged you here
to say hello
& hope you write back

A girl that’s different from the rest
A girl that’s always second best
I saw you here smile so big
warm eyes i can look in to for days
A hunky man id like to know
But for who i am i’ll never know

Hope you have a fun old-time
as I sit way behind

You think i’m odd, a little different.
But just know I will be alright

Something Like This
You Had To Know

By Lana Poulson