The roses were redBed sheets were white

Rain drops falling from the sky

I just can’t decide

I’m so cold inside

It’s a lonely place

Far and away we are

Distance separates us

Time is from somewhere else

A letter was written

A message was left

I am your forever more

we are done being as one

I wished every time

I would be the only one

The one for you forever more

You would seek me

I am only yours

Far and beyond

I’m the only one

Soft lips touching mine

Your brown eyes digging into me

Your hands on my thigh

Heart beat beat

My ever lasting love

I feel full inside

Alone no more

Apart we are no longer

Just you and I

Tears falling from my eyes

You love me forever more

Forever lasting love

I feel your love

You will always be my love

Lana Poulson