The way you look at me the way you touch me

Makes me feel all tingly inside

My heart flutters

You make me tingle inside

You warm me inside

Your lips touching mine

Your hand touches my spine

I get all tingly inside

Your laugh makes me smile

Your light hazel eyes

Just the two of us

I can’t help it but smile

You make me feel special

As time passes

Every second intense as the next

You make me feel excited

All tingly inside

This is how you make me feel

Every moment counts

Your touch makes me explode

My blood bubbles

My heart flutters

I’ll be your forever more

This Is How You Make Me Feel

By Lana Poulson



V. is for Very

A. is for Always

L. is for Lover

E. is for Every

N. is for Now

T. is for Together

I. is for Innocent

N. is for New

E. is for Emotional

I saw you standing there right there at the edge,

looking so very sweet you always have the best for me.

You dreamed of being a lover a very gentle lover

but a lover nonetheless.

For you will be the one, the one of my forever dreams.

Our love is so sweet so innocent so pure so new.

Our hearts are forever entwined and so deeply emotional.

Every single minute as time goes by

I’m so very thankful we are together.


By Lana Poulson