Can I Say This

I enjoy working out omg I said it watch out ah hahaha. I did some yoga this afternoon because its been a long time since I have done any. But I thought I needed to do some stretching since my body has been aching though it could also be because the weather has gotten milder. But I only did 20 minutes of yoga and decided I would not do any of my walking workout.

And till lol

I had 3 pieces of pizza tonight for dinner and felt a little guilty. So I decided to pop in my walking workout dvd and did a mile workout. There is this one exercise called the evening mile. Its to be used in the evening but you can use it at any time. So I decided to do it tonight I just finished actually. Now I don’t feel so guilty eating those 3 pieces lol.

Its pretty amazing that I went from being 238 last July down to 206, 31 pounds lost. I feel great for getting my body to where it is at now.

Over and out


The Big C?

I was not sure when I was able to get this out of my head but I was given the go ahead with this tonight. So some not so great news my father has prostate cancer. His brother called him I think in December and told him he may want to get checked. Because he has it and was going for surgery to have it taken out. Turns out my fathers other brother also has it but because of his age they can’t remove it. And so that is when my dad made the appointment with his doctor to go get it checked out. Well turns out my dad has it. He had some tests done and it has not gone into his bones so that is a good thing but his lymph nodes are looking kind of odd so there will be some looking into for that. It also turns out though not overly related but my dads sisters daughter my cousin passed away two years ago from breast cancer which she had stage 4 was not good.

So cancer has affected my family and is now affecting me though I’m not really stressed out about it is bothering me just a smidge. I’m hoping everything will work out and it can be dealt with and radiation or something can be done and that it does not spread. My dad has a good team of doctors that will be dealing with this but I’m not read for him to go anywhere just yet. Id like him to be around to walk me down the aisle if and when I ever get married. And just stick around for a little while longer. My dad is 61 so he’s not a young chicken but you would never think he was 61 because he does not look it.

So this whole cancer thing I’m just not impressed with as you can see. But again there is nothing anyone can do really I mean I’m pretty sure everyone has cancer cells in them and it decides when it will fuck with our lives I guess. So ya that is all I have to write about on this. It sucks yes it does there is nothing I or anyone can do about it. Hopefully the cancer has not gone into his nodes and that his prostate can be removed but if not then we will just go with whatever the next step is I guess.

Over and Out.

Hello 206 And What The Hell Is Going On?

So ya I’m down to 206 which is funny because I just posted that I was down to 207 in my last post. Lately I’ve been feeling nauseated I think partly due to my IBS that I suffer from. When it acts up I could care less about food and am far from hungary. It could also be nerves and stress is not good for IBS as well certain foods. And because of feeling nauseated my portion sizes have decreased in size. I know I need to eat so I do but I don’t eat much because I’m really not hungry. Today I was going to workout but I don’t feel that great so I’ll be taking today off from that.

Ugh I hate having IBS.

Over and Out.

Hello 207

So the weight seems to be just dropping off because last week I was 209 and now I’m down to 207 pounds which Is freaking amazing. In total I have lost 31 pounds I’m almost a shadow of my former self haha.

So I have 7 more pounds to go. My goal month was June at this rate I’ll be meeting it in no time. It’s pretty amazing where I started from at 238. All the way down to 207 I never thought I would get to my goal weight of 200 but now it’s just crazy cool that I’m so close to it.

I feel empowered that I have stuck to working out eating less food. That I have kept to not smoking. It’s just a awesome feeling to get down to that number. Though I have to say I was just happy to lose five pounds. And every time I lost more then I focused on another five.

I am just so proud of my self for sticking to it. I tend to give up on things easily and lose patience quickly but really stuck it out with this. I guess that’s what happens when you get tired of looking in the mirror and see your self at your lowest.

Yay me.

Over and out

A New Puppy

So my parents are going to be getting another dog. The plan has always been this for when I move out so their current dog is not alone. My dog is pretty content with being the only dog. I think it’s because of the chihuahua in her or the pomeranian. When my parents got their second dog after their first passed away and my brothers pit bull passed as well. My dog was the only one left in the house. So she loved that all the toys were left for her to play with and just me all to herself and my parents. She did not have to share with anyone. Well once my parents got their new dog Sophie my dog was like ok first what is this and when is it leaving lol.

I’m sure Diva will feel the same way when this new puppy arrives in the next two months. What is it? when is it leaving? And oh hell not another one lol. However my parents dog Sophia will be pleased but I’m sure will need breaks and will ask to be picked up for some quiet time LOL. She is very good around other dogs and when our family friend Betty came over with her new puppy Sophie really enjoyed playing with it. My dog Diva on the other hand could not of cared less lol. Though she did at times want to play with it for the most part she just told it off and barked at it like ah hell not again LOL. Though shes happy when it leaves haha.

So lucky me I get to help potty train this new puppy before I move out lucky me LOL and look after it while my parents are at work. So I’ll be getting loads of exercise I’m sure since that tends to happen with new puppy’s however because it will be a puppy it also means it will sleep lots and the down time when it does sleep is always the best. It means you get a break from having to be so active. I always enjoyed that part sad but true lol.

My parents current dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, And there new puppy will be a Cavapoo it’s a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Toy or Miniature Poodle. There super cute. My dog as well my parents current dog as well this new pup are all females and are all fixed well the new puppy will be fixed. I know it will take time for my dog to warm up to the new addition however my dog is still possessive over her toys and when she wants her toy that my parents dog is even near my dog will bitch and steal the toy away. Not always but most the time its like there are two of the same toys relax LOL. And of course if it’s on my bed and Sophie is on the bed as well and she goes to chew on a toy my dog will stare at me and look at her and make noises it’s rather funny. Its like I want my toy and I will bitch and complain and till you take it from her so I can have it back.

The joys of dogs haha.

Over and out.

Its funny

It’s funny that I really don’t have much to talk about. I was going to post about this loser yesterday but then why bitch about it who cares really to hear about it so I removed the blog post because it was dealt with. So I have been having some fun posting YouTube music videos now that with this new blog the embedding is working. It never worked on my old blog but this new blog it seems to be working just fine.

Um so that’s what I have been doing if I have nothing to write about I find a video and post that instead. What else is going on hmmm things are great with my man and I so that’s a good thing. And the weight that I have been losing its amazing all of my dresses fit beautifully now. Its like I have a new wardrobe and yet all I have to do is go shopping in my own closet so that’s kind of funny. I’m also excited to go shopping and know that I will be able to wear cute clothing again and not look prego LOL. And not look prego in the clothing I do have. I also push through the feeling of not wanting to workout by working out and then feeling great after I work out.

Something has been on my mind lately is my dog’s tail it seems to be shedding but not sure why I know spring is upon us but it’s becoming thinner then normal. I did wash her today and blow dried and her tail looks a little fuller but not much. I’m hoping it will not shed anymore and go back to normal. Otherwise I’ll have to take her to the vet and get it checked out.

So ya guess that is it for now.

Over and out.