Hello 207

So the weight seems to be just dropping off because last week I was 209 and now I’m down to 207 pounds which Is freaking amazing. In total I have lost 31 pounds I’m almost a shadow of my former self haha.

So I have 7 more pounds to go. My goal month was June at this rate I’ll be meeting it in no time. It’s pretty amazing where I started from at 238. All the way down to 207 I never thought I would get to my goal weight of 200 but now it’s just crazy cool that I’m so close to it.

I feel empowered that I have stuck to working out eating less food. That I have kept to not smoking. It’s just a awesome feeling to get down to that number. Though I have to say I was just happy to lose five pounds. And every time I lost more then I focused on another five.

I am just so proud of my self for sticking to it. I tend to give up on things easily and lose patience quickly but really stuck it out with this. I guess that’s what happens when you get tired of looking in the mirror and see your self at your lowest.

Yay me.

Over and out


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