The Big C?

I was not sure when I was able to get this out of my head but I was given the go ahead with this tonight. So some not so great news my father has prostate cancer. His brother called him I think in December and told him he may want to get checked. Because he has it and was going for surgery to have it taken out. Turns out my fathers other brother also has it but because of his age they can’t remove it. And so that is when my dad made the appointment with his doctor to go get it checked out. Well turns out my dad has it. He had some tests done and it has not gone into his bones so that is a good thing but his lymph nodes are looking kind of odd so there will be some looking into for that. It also turns out though not overly related but my dads sisters daughter my cousin passed away two years ago from breast cancer which she had stage 4 was not good.

So cancer has affected my family and is now affecting me though I’m not really stressed out about it is bothering me just a smidge. I’m hoping everything will work out and it can be dealt with and radiation or something can be done and that it does not spread. My dad has a good team of doctors that will be dealing with this but I’m not read for him to go anywhere just yet. Id like him to be around to walk me down the aisle if and when I ever get married. And just stick around for a little while longer. My dad is 61 so he’s not a young chicken but you would never think he was 61 because he does not look it.

So this whole cancer thing I’m just not impressed with as you can see. But again there is nothing anyone can do really I mean I’m pretty sure everyone has cancer cells in them and it decides when it will fuck with our lives I guess. So ya that is all I have to write about on this. It sucks yes it does there is nothing I or anyone can do about it. Hopefully the cancer has not gone into his nodes and that his prostate can be removed but if not then we will just go with whatever the next step is I guess.

Over and Out.


2 thoughts on “The Big C?

    1. I’ll be asking my doctor next time I see him which is April 2nd to test me for cancer and to check for it. Thanks Marey

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