Can I Say This

I enjoy working out omg I said it watch out ah hahaha. I did some yoga this afternoon because its been a long time since I have done any. But I thought I needed to do some stretching since my body has been aching though it could also be because the weather has gotten milder. But I only did 20 minutes of yoga and decided I would not do any of my walking workout.

And till lol

I had 3 pieces of pizza tonight for dinner and felt a little guilty. So I decided to pop in my walking workout dvd and did a mile workout. There is this one exercise called the evening mile. Its to be used in the evening but you can use it at any time. So I decided to do it tonight I just finished actually. Now I don’t feel so guilty eating those 3 pieces lol.

Its pretty amazing that I went from being 238 last July down to 206, 31 pounds lost. I feel great for getting my body to where it is at now.

Over and out


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