CoverFX Powder foundation


This is what I posted on their Facebook page.

So I’m writing this to express my feelings on the new formulation of your mineral powder. I thought Coverfx makeup was for people with scaring and acne scars and so forth. Well if it is this new powder foundation sucks. There is tons of fall out and it does not cover anything. I have been a long time CoverFx buyer more so the powder because of the coverage. But now I will not be buying your powder foundation because of what it clearly does not do. If you already have good skin with no scars or acne then more power to you but if you do don’t bother buying this makeup. SO PISSED.

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The Vet & Diva

So today I took Diva to the vet for her yearly checkup and to find out what is going on with her fur. The vet said it could be a number of factors and that only getting blood work would be able to rule things out. He did mention it could be a thyroid problem. Because when the vet tech weighed her turns out she has gained a few pounds now she’s at like 20 pounds. So it could very well be her thyroid ugh. So with getting the blood work they will check for everything. This visit was her most expensive one yet plus they raised the consultation visit so in total it cost $278. But Id rather have them check for everything to rule things out. That way we can take the next course of action.

I should be getting a call if not tomorrow then by Friday. My main concern is why her fur is getting so thin and of course this weight gain. I have not noticed her weight gain look at all that fur lol and when I pick her up I don’t notice it so go figure with that. Also her eating habits are a tad off recently. She will only eat her dinner and take treats but forget eating her breakfast lol. Though she’s always seems to be like that when spring hits. Though she has been a tad lethargic so who knows we will find out soon what the heck is going on.

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Hello Skinny Bitch

I thought today’s title was well suited because I have lost a few more pounds I’m now down to 196 pounds. My max weight that I would now like to be is 195.  I have lost a total of 42 pounds. I feel as I posted on my Facebook today fan-fucking-tastic to say the least haha.

I really never thought I would ever reach my goal weight of 200 pounds let alone get down to 196 pounds. I will tell you this though I will never allow my self to get back to were I was at 238 pounds. Its funny but even my lounge pants that I wear around the house as well walk the dogs in I have to keep tightening up the waste ties lol because they keep getting looser and looser.

And all it is is portion control and exercise. I don’t limit my self or cut things out of my diet I eat what I want I just don’t over do it any more. And I think about what I put into my mouth. Just because there is food around does not always mean you have to eat it just because its there. I also don’t eat if I am not hungry.

Also since the weather has been getting warmer and when its not raining I am now walking the dogs. Yesterday I over did it a little and did a mile workout as well some leg lifts and then went and walked the dog. So then my knee that I hurt last year started to bother me a little so today I just took it easy and did leg lifts and walked the dogs and now its fine.

But I don’t think I have felt this good about my body in a long long time. I feel awesome.

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Miss Diva


My cute little dog I have to bring into the vet next month because the fur on her tail and back and back leg area is getting thinner and thinner. Her tail used to be nice and fluffy but it has since been getting thinner and thinner where you can see her skin. Ever since I started taking her to get groomed it seems to be losing fur. I’ve also noticed on her back legs that the fur is not as thick and pretty as it once was as well marks that could be from the urine that has been stuck to her and ya its just not great. I have looked up online different things that it could be but and till I know for sure I’m not sure which ones it could be. I thought at first they had used the furminator at the groomers because I know that tool can remove undercoat fur and also some of the top fur.

But her tail just looks so sad and pathetic. Its limp and you can see her tail it’s just so thin. And to top it off this last time she went to the groomers the stupid woman cut my dogs tail fur. I asked for her front feathers and her tail not be cut. And she cut them anyways. So I called and complained and they told me I would get a discount on the next grooming appointment. Better yet they better give me a free one since I told the lady my dogs been growing out her feathers since I had her. And why anyone would go ahead and cut the tail straight a cross when you asked for it not to be cut in the first place is beyond me. Petsmarts motto is if you’re not happy you don’t pay. Of course I get her home after I have paid and then am not happy. So I will demand that they give me a free grooming. Otherwise I’ll boycott their store.

Any who so before I take my dog back there I need to find out what is up with her fur and why its become so thin and hopefully there is something I can do to stop it from shedding even more.

By the way the way my dogs name is Diva LOL

Over and out

My New Get Out Of Debt Budget Plan

So I will be at it again getting out of debt that is. I stupidly got my self back into credit debt I know I know all my fault. But I have a new get out of debt plan. I have 6 months to make $250 payments. Starting in May is when I will make my first payment and the final payment will be in October.

I will still be able to put money into my savings account at $100 bucks a month and still have a little bit of money to throw around after paying rent and my cell phone bill. Not a crap load but some. Since getting my new relationship and some new friends I have been spending like I have the cash and in reality I really don’t so now I need to buckle down and smarten up.

Eating out as much as I have been is no longer an option same thing with having drinks with friends. Eating out maybe once in a blue moon. Or as a special treat. Also it will not kill me to not spend money I can do it. If I can lose 40 pounds I can spend less and save more and be better with my money.

Last year when I paid my credit card off I had no life. I made bigger payments and left myself with almost nothing. This time around I make a big enough payment but not so big where I leave myself with nothing. Smaller payments but big enough it puts a dent into my credit debt. Then I am able to still have some money to live and do things with my man and my friends. But being smarter with my money.

6 months at $250 a month means $1,500 will be reached and paid up. Thankfully I’m not right at $1,500 but I’m like $66 away from it being that. Any who so ya I think my new budget works and is way more realistic than last years was.


Over and out

Kind Of Pissed Off

At my freaking nails. Just when I was trying to grow them out again from having to file the freaking things down from a nail split my one nail decides to peel. So then I had to file it down more like cut it and then of course match my other nails to the same length. Of course I could have kept them the way they were but then my nails would have looked messed up. Fake nails are way easier because you break one and you go get it fixed. You break a real nail and all your nails have to match that busted nail or you look all ghetto lol.

So now my nails are back to being so short and for some reason it seems like they are taking longer to grow out for some reason like the last time I had to file them all down it seemed like it took a month for them to grow. Any who I decided to paint them for easter and make them look some what pretty. Now they look Ok just wish they were a tad longer oh well what can ya do but wait.

photo (2)

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Decorative Bowl

While my mother and I were out today we went to Home Sense, In the states its called Home Goods. Any who while we were they’re looking around I of course came across a few pieces of art work of Miss MM = Marilyn Monroe I was very close in buying one but then put it back since I’ve got so many already.

But I did come across this gorgeous decorative bowl. It would look great on a coffee table or dining table and you could fill it with whatever you wanted. It can only be cleaned with a damp cloth because its glass and 99% silver the silver is under the glass. Anyways the color is right up my alley it’s like a sea turquoise color its hard to describe. Any who its just absolutely lovely.

My father said my place will be decked out nicely. Once I get a place. I think he’s right I think I have good taste in things.


Over And Out

Hello 198 Pounds

As I stepped on the weight scale this morning it was a pleasant surprise to see my new weight come down to 198 pounds. My goal weight was 200 but this is also quite fine. I remembered that I was this same weight when I went and had my BA surgery in 2011. I only know that because the surgeon had written up a small bio on his website of me and had written my weight down.

In total I have lost 40 pounds. That’s pretty amazing I do have to say. I feel amazing though I need to stick to a weight because my now size 12 jeans are getting a little loose in the waste LOL. That being said I’m not complaining really because I’ve never looked as good as I do now and instead of just being 198 I’m 198 and fit. My outlook on life is also great and I just feel amazing about my self. I have a really good relationship with my man. Everything is great with my family and I have some great friends.

Life is great no complaints.


Over and Out

No Longer Care About Clubs

Could it be true could it be also true that I’m getting to old for it. Wanting to sleep in my own bed and leaving before it gets to crazy. After last Friday’s outing and drinking water with my drinks and leaving before 12:30am I think I’m getting too old for the bar / club scene. It was nice to get out but I would have been just as happy at a pub. The whole reason I went out was to dance but I never left my seat unless it was to use the bathroom and what little dancing I did do was again in my seat lol.

My whole thought process about living downtown was to be close to such places but now I no longer care about them. Though by living downtown you are with in walking distance to pubs restaurants and places to shop and buy groceries. Then again if I moved some place that had a good transit system then I guess it would not matter where I moved too really. I’m much more of a pub gal anyways then clubs. But the excitement of downtown would be nice nonetheless even If I don’t go to clubs anymore.

I guess your priorities change when you get older and the need to go to such places dwindle away. Now that I have a great guy in my life and some good friends the need to go to such places have gone away. Also I really have not gone out like that to those places in like 2 or 3 years and I have not really missed it to be honest.

So ya I’d rather spend quality time with friends at a pub then a club.

Over and Out.