Hair Color

So my hair has grown out nicely but the grey I have not been pleased with so I decided to color my hair with Preference Mousse Absolue by L’oreal Paris. The color was to be a dark blond which in turn made my hair a reddish color. I shall point out it was nice it did not smell as bad as I remeber which was many years ago however it did not cover my grey hair at all. I wont say how much I paid for this hair color but for what it says it does it did not do for my grey hair.

This is what the packaging looks like. FYI Save your money.



The only good thing about this product is that it is reusable hair color. The tricky thing is if you have grey save your money and try something else. There is no drip but that does not mean its going to stick it did lift my hair to the color that was on the box but like I said it did nothing for my grey bits.

Here is what color my hair turned out to be 3 weeks ago.


So I don’t love it Im not inlove with it. And its not really the color I was going for. So today I went to Walmart and picked up a new hair color but by a different brand. And a darker color which is a dark brown a color 4. I’m shooting for a chocolate brown but because of the red it may turn to be a great color the dark brown that is. The new color I got is this.


So tomorrow I will re color my hair and prey for the best. I will also do another post and photo of what my hair looks like and a complete review of this new hair color. I know some people are probably wondering why are you coloring your hair its short. Because when I’m not wearing a wig I have to see my bio hair and while it its growing out which it is doing very nicely I might add the grey bothers me.

Also by coloring my hair a darker color such as a brown when my hair gets long enough I plan to use extensions and browns are way easy to combine and blend then reds or blonds because nobody has one flat color of brown. Though I only plan to invest in clip in extensions since they don’t damage your hair and or brown hair pieces.

So there ya have it got to love at home hair coloring. Also because my natural hair color is in the brown family its easy for when my roots grow out it won’t be as noticeable. I wish I had gone with the brown hair color in the first place but such is life right. Ah well.

Also to prolong the life of my hair color I also bought L’oreal Color Radiance shampoo and conditioner. I have never tried this stuff Im assuming its new on the market so I will try it out and give my review of this at a later date.


Over and out.


9 thoughts on “Hair Color

      1. Well if you got a wig close to your current hair style in a color close to your color he may never know unless you told him of course haha

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