Clairol Expert Collection


So I re colored my hair this morning and I have to say this is a great at home color kit. It did exactly what it said it would. And the color is lovely. Also all of my grey bits that the color before never dyed this hair color did. As with any dark hair color if you get it on your skin you’re going to get color stain marks but they will go away after a few days from normal hair washing.

Even though the time on the box says 25 minutes I left it on for 30 just to make sure. Also my hair is soft feeling. Ok let’s get to the results.

My hair before with the old color & Now after.

10153559_10153921784490587_1506298101_nphoto (1)

It will be way easier to take care of because my bio hair is a brown anyways also by going darker it really makes my eye color pop. And because the wigs I have been wearing are in the brown color family.

Over and Out


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