Being Responsible / Victoria Secret


So last night I got together with an old friend of mine. And we decided to go out to the gay club shes les not that it matters but ya they had a drag king show on as well dancing. If anyone is not familiar with drag king its women who dress up as men and lip sing to songs. So that was fun also did a little drinking but unlike other times. I drank water with my drinks. I also did not smoke not that I was going to but in the past if I went out to a club I would cheat. But going on I think 9 months now or something of not smoking the thought crossed my mind but then quickly left just as quick as it came to mind.

I was proud of myself for not cheating an smoking like I would have in the past. Also I left early, I was going to stay at my friend’s place but decided I wanted to come home and sleep in my own bed. So I left the club walked to catch the bus thankfully I left when I did because the bus I needed was already at the bus stop. And then I caught a cab and made it home. Also I have plans with my man tonight and so I did not want to be overly hung over for that. I guess that’s what growing up does to you and not wanting to be a hot mess LOL. Or you just try not to be a hot mess period and save that for once in a while.


So Ottawa now has its second Victoria Secret store. Which I am so happy for it opened up in my favorite mall too. The mall it opened up in is my favorite because it takes me one bus to get there lol. Any who while my friend and I were there before we went to the club we decided to check it out. I saw a few things id like to get of course and also showed her the cologne I want to get for my boyfriend. Did you know VS has 3 cologne’s for men. Two out of 3 I like but there is one I just love it’s called Very Sexy Platinum it just smells so good I think he would like it as well.


So at some point I’ll go with him so he can smell it. At the moment he uses Axe body wash its ok but this would be a huge step up lol. Also the smell is very fresh I really like it but then also too he needs to smell it because if he hates it or tries it on and it does not mix well with his body oils then its a no go. Sometimes you can buy something smell it and try it on and it’s just not a good mix you know?. Or if he reads this post of mine he can go himself try it and if he likes it pick up a bottle LOL and surprise me by smelling oh so yummy haha.

Any who so I’m very glad a new VS store has opened up.

Over and Out


4 thoughts on “Being Responsible / Victoria Secret

  1. I bought my husband some cologne years ago and he really never used it, just not into it. And yeah, when you start preferring to sleep in your own bed every night no matter what, then you’re definitely an adult LOL! Not a bad thing.

    1. That and my friend smokes, And the smell makes me gag lol. Now I know how others felt when I smoked. Its like do ya need a breath mint lol

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