Hello 198 Pounds

As I stepped on the weight scale this morning it was a pleasant surprise to see my new weight come down to 198 pounds. My goal weight was 200 but this is also quite fine. I remembered that I was this same weight when I went and had my BA surgery in 2011. I only know that because the surgeon had written up a small bio on his website of me and had written my weight down.

In total I have lost 40 pounds. That’s pretty amazing I do have to say. I feel amazing though I need to stick to a weight because my now size 12 jeans are getting a little loose in the waste LOL. That being said I’m not complaining really because I’ve never looked as good as I do now and instead of just being 198 I’m 198 and fit. My outlook on life is also great and I just feel amazing about my self. I have a really good relationship with my man. Everything is great with my family and I have some great friends.

Life is great no complaints.


Over and Out


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