No Longer Care About Clubs

Could it be true could it be also true that I’m getting to old for it. Wanting to sleep in my own bed and leaving before it gets to crazy. After last Friday’s outing and drinking water with my drinks and leaving before 12:30am I think I’m getting too old for the bar / club scene. It was nice to get out but I would have been just as happy at a pub. The whole reason I went out was to dance but I never left my seat unless it was to use the bathroom and what little dancing I did do was again in my seat lol.

My whole thought process about living downtown was to be close to such places but now I no longer care about them. Though by living downtown you are with in walking distance to pubs restaurants and places to shop and buy groceries. Then again if I moved some place that had a good transit system then I guess it would not matter where I moved too really. I’m much more of a pub gal anyways then clubs. But the excitement of downtown would be nice nonetheless even If I don’t go to clubs anymore.

I guess your priorities change when you get older and the need to go to such places dwindle away. Now that I have a great guy in my life and some good friends the need to go to such places have gone away. Also I really have not gone out like that to those places in like 2 or 3 years and I have not really missed it to be honest.

So ya I’d rather spend quality time with friends at a pub then a club.

Over and Out.


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