Decorative Bowl

While my mother and I were out today we went to Home Sense, In the states its called Home Goods. Any who while we were they’re looking around I of course came across a few pieces of art work of Miss MM = Marilyn Monroe I was very close in buying one but then put it back since I’ve got so many already.

But I did come across this gorgeous decorative bowl. It would look great on a coffee table or dining table and you could fill it with whatever you wanted. It can only be cleaned with a damp cloth because its glass and 99% silver the silver is under the glass. Anyways the color is right up my alley it’s like a sea turquoise color its hard to describe. Any who its just absolutely lovely.

My father said my place will be decked out nicely. Once I get a place. I think he’s right I think I have good taste in things.


Over And Out


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