Kind Of Pissed Off

At my freaking nails. Just when I was trying to grow them out again from having to file the freaking things down from a nail split my one nail decides to peel. So then I had to file it down more like cut it and then of course match my other nails to the same length. Of course I could have kept them the way they were but then my nails would have looked messed up. Fake nails are way easier because you break one and you go get it fixed. You break a real nail and all your nails have to match that busted nail or you look all ghetto lol.

So now my nails are back to being so short and for some reason it seems like they are taking longer to grow out for some reason like the last time I had to file them all down it seemed like it took a month for them to grow. Any who I decided to paint them for easter and make them look some what pretty. Now they look Ok just wish they were a tad longer oh well what can ya do but wait.

photo (2)

Over and Out


One thought on “Kind Of Pissed Off

  1. I’ve had acrylic nails forever…tried to take them off and couldn’t handle having split or broken nails! LOL. Went right back to the salon and got ’em put back on.

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