Hello Skinny Bitch

I thought today’s title was well suited because I have lost a few more pounds I’m now down to 196 pounds. My max weight that I would now like to be is 195.  I have lost a total of 42 pounds. I feel as I posted on my Facebook today fan-fucking-tastic to say the least haha.

I really never thought I would ever reach my goal weight of 200 pounds let alone get down to 196 pounds. I will tell you this though I will never allow my self to get back to were I was at 238 pounds. Its funny but even my lounge pants that I wear around the house as well walk the dogs in I have to keep tightening up the waste ties lol because they keep getting looser and looser.

And all it is is portion control and exercise. I don’t limit my self or cut things out of my diet I eat what I want I just don’t over do it any more. And I think about what I put into my mouth. Just because there is food around does not always mean you have to eat it just because its there. I also don’t eat if I am not hungry.

Also since the weather has been getting warmer and when its not raining I am now walking the dogs. Yesterday I over did it a little and did a mile workout as well some leg lifts and then went and walked the dog. So then my knee that I hurt last year started to bother me a little so today I just took it easy and did leg lifts and walked the dogs and now its fine.

But I don’t think I have felt this good about my body in a long long time. I feel awesome.

Over and Out


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