Good News

So I have made it down to 188 pounds. That is a total of 50 pounds lost. I feel amazing and am looking pretty amazing I do have to say so my self haha. I’m still eating what I want just potion sizing everything and being careful what I stick in my mouth. But if I feel like having some chips I do. Or a iced chocolate latte mmm.

Soon it will be my 4 month with my boyfriend coming up next month that is also pretty amazing. We will be going bowling, apparently he’s going to kick my butt or so he thinks anyways hahaha. So that should be fun.

And I have always said that one of the things I have always wanted is to work in a small clothing boutique. Well one of my favorite stores posted on facebook a few days ago that they were looking for sales assistants. And to email them a resume. Well I emailed off mine to them this afternoon and this evening I got a phone call from this store asking if I would come in on Sunday for an interview.

To work at this store would be like a dream come true. I love their clothing because it is for tall women. There is only one store that is in Ottawa so it really is a boutique. I mean they have others but not in the city and they also have online as well. They offer a generous clothing allowance, and staff discount. And the staff are super nice as well. Not rude in any way. It’s a very welcoming store and it would really be a dream to work there.

The four things I want for my self which is not much by any means I have two out of the four if I get this job I will have three out of the four. Which are a cute small dog, A cute boyfriend, A cute small job, And a cute apartment. If I end up getting this job I will have the first three. All that would be left is getting the apartment.

I am super excited and do hope this works out for me. Fingers crossed of course. But if it does not happen then it was not meant for me. And I keep doing what I’m doing. But it would really be amazing if I got this job. Plus I’m ready for something like this to happen for me.

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Say Hello To Miss 190lbs


I stepped on the scale this morning after my simple workout and it said 190lbs. Asked my mom to take a snap of me this was after I came back from walking the dogs. I think I’m just losing a lot of water weight because I pee like a lot ha ha. But I feel great and I have surpassed my goal weight by like 10 pounds. Its funny but 238 pounds seems strange that I was that much before. So in total its been 48 pounds gone. That’s just freaking amazing. Hard work really does pay off.

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Revlon ColorStay Part 3

So today I used my foundation brush instead of my beauty blender and I have to say. I like using the beauty blender better for this foundation. I like the finish it gives me and the coverage. I’m just not a fan of using the foundation brush not for this foundation. Though I was never really a fan of it for my other foundation either so go figure. Everyone will like what they like using and this is just my personal opinion on how I like my foundation to be applied.

That’s it really for this post.

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Revlon ColorStay Part 2

So in my first post about this foundation I spoke about how nice it was and that it covered well but I did not have a photo of me with out makeup. Id rather not post such a photo but how can I rave about a makeup that does so well if you can’t see what its covering up and camouflaging. So after wearing the foundation for several hours I decided to take a photo after I washed off all my makeup. And put the two side by side. On a side note I had no shine to speak of after a few hours of wear and I really do love this foundation.

This foundation really is fabulous and covers very well. As you can clearly see and it still looks like my skin but better.

I have on foundation, brow pencil and gel, Eye shadow, Mascara, Blush, Lip gloss on the after photo.

Before on the left & After on the right


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Diva my pooch

So as most know my dog diva has had some skin problems, well today she went to the groomers and had what is called a lion cut or in her case a lioness cut or whatever you wanna call it lol.

I’m glad that she had it done because it will be easier to clean the sore areas that are on her back area. And trust me there are a number of spots. And air flow will be able to get to those areas.

With using polysporin on those areas it should heal them easier and hopefully clear them up. The reason it’s so thin in spots is the alopecia x. The groomer felt bad because it’s so thin in spots but I knew her fur was like that.

She did a great job.


Revlon ColorStay


This foundation is my favourite so far, it’s a liquid but it drys to a matte finish, it lasts up to 24 hours though I only bought it because of the great reviews on YouTube. It’s also cheaper then coverfx which I also like.

I was wearing coverfx but I think it breaks me out and I hate the colors this revlon matchs perfectly blends right into my skin which is what you want. And it gives me the right amount of coverage with out looking cake-y,

I wanted a foundation that would last for the amount of time I wear makeup when I go out. Not that I go out for long but for the amount of time I want it to last. If I’m just walking the dogs I don’t wear makeup but when I do I want my acne and redness gone. Or at the very least camouflaged ha ha.

This foundation is also build-able which I also like and it goes on great with my beauty blender. I’ll try it with my foundation brush next time to see which I like better. The only draw back about the bottle is that it’s not a pump so you have to be careful how much comes out.

A little at a time on the back of your hand works. But that draw back I also heard on YouTube so I knew that before hand buying the product. I also bought it at my drug store for $19.99 at Walmart it’s much cheaper around $14.96.

That being said I wanted to get it at the drug store to get color matched. When I need to replace that’s when I’ll go to Walmart. So far I love how it does not transfer on to my clothing. And its very natural looking. Its also light weight and does not feel heavy on the face.

I found when I would wear my coverfx cream foundation and go to kiss my boyfriend he would have foundation on his nose and face, not cute lol. It also rubbed off easily with my fingers or on clothing.

In a nut shell check out Revlon ColorStay and get the one for your skin they have two one for combination / oily or normal / dry, I got the one for oily skin. I give it four stars out of five because it’s not a pump.

FYI My face has not been photo shopped


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My Thoughts On Working Out

I have been working out since a little of last year. My main goal was to lose weight which I have done a total of 45 pounds. I still kind of hate working out but I like the benefits of what it gives me. For the past 10 days or so I have been using Jillian Michael’s Ripped In 30. Iv taken two days off from it to use my other dvds as well a rest day. Today my hips are sore and on top of that I’m walking the dogs everyday when it’s not raining so they get there exercise.

I think the Ripped in 30 is great for people who are already flexible. I am not as flexible as Id like to be and probably never will be because of being so tall. And I’m ok with that. Also because of how my body is I doubt it will ever get ripped. Plus I don’t really care to be miss muscles to be honest with y’all. I’m proud of losing what I have lost. But let’s be real for a second I do not look pretty or attractive overly skinny. I’m not trying to lose more weight and I am eating what I want still. I used to be 165 and that was just way to skinny and when I was in my teens I was between 150 and 155 which of course was way to thin.

I feel great at 193 and I have surpassed my goal weight of 200 pounds. Iv lost 7 pounds past my 200 mark. I do feel amazing but even the latest pair of jeans I bought are now needing a belt and there only a size 12. I can put them on with out undoing the button. I think the ripped in 30 is great but I’m gonna stop using it day in and day out and switch it up. Maybe use it every second or 3rd day. It’s rather annoying when you lose so much weight and your clothing no longer fits because its to big for you. Though I don’t mind some things but I just bought those jeans so that’s a piss off but whatever.

Here are a before and afterish lol

Far left 238, left 225, first right 194 before Ripped 30 dvd , Right 193 More toned I think LOL.

485402_10152963156350587_1351489252_n (1)imageimage (1)IMG_1377

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My Wedding

OK before you think right away what the title is saying let me just point out for most girls, woman, young lady’s whatever we have thoughts of what ours will be everything from location to dress style to what flowers we want and music from a young age. Also when ever we start to date someone or even talk to someone new we tend to picture our selves marring the person at least for me that is what I do.

When I’m single and I talk to someone new even before the first date happens I think to my self could he be the one and if so could he be marriage material. Call me crazy but its just something I have always done. That’s one thing that I would still like for my self is to get married. Funny enough my blog theme is just that like a wedding theme that’s why all the writing is in blue when you read it. As for the pink and rhinestones background I found that on Google and I like anything that sparkles its pretty bad really when ever I’m out if something sparkles I have to go look at it haha.

As for my wedding I have been planning that since I was 16 give or take. I know the location, the colors the flowers, the style of dress I want. The music the after party. Here are my ideas lol. Location is either a back yard wedding something intimate. Or an old church even though I’m not really that religious or the last spot would be like outside some where that’s lovely. As for flowers white and pink roses. Color of dress is champagne and or white if I can’t get that color. Though I do think the dress should be not overly expensive because your only wearing it once. Id be happy with something from Davids Bridal under $300 bucks and I have seen some pretty ones on their site for under that price. I also like dresses that have chiffon fabric because its flowy and dreamy lol and I also like empire waist because it’s very flattering. As I said I also like champagne or white if I could not get the golden color.

As for guests small of only close family and friends nothing to crazy and over the top. Thankfully I don’t know to many people. As for family I would not invite cousins iv never met. Except for maybe the ones I know of LOL. I don’t care much for big weddings with tons of people just close family and close friends.

I would want classical music playing as I walk down the aisle. And have my dad give me away. Hopefully that will happen in the next 5 years that would be awesome. Ok so after party would be one of two things. The first would be a nice quite dinner nothing to fancy just simple and elegant and nice. Or a reception with a dj or some sort of live music at a nice hall. With buffet style food of sea food of some kind maybe sushi or something. The food part I have never really thought of I just know the basics haha. I also would handle the invitations and such.

As for the groom maybe he would handle the food aspects lol and show up haha. Though I do know when you marry someone it’s talked about and what they would also want it’s not just the brides day but both their days so it is also about compromising. So ya I think I know what I want just a tad just a tiny bit haha. But I think its good to know what you want. Better to know then to not know its just about finding the right person that’s suited for you. And that you love enough that you would want to do that with get married that is.

Id also want to be engaged for a little while before getting married at least for a year. I think that is a long enough time lol.

I still have hope that this will happen for me I do now anyways.

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Good Bye My Double D’s

So ya since I have lost all my weight my boobs have shrunk in size as well. I have about 5 bras all from VS that no longer fit not just that but I think my band size has also gone down in size from a 38 to possibly a 36 I really don’t know. I tend to just wear sports bras around the house and when I workout and save my good bras for when I go out.

Iv put a bag aside for clothing that no longer fits and the other day for the hell of it I put on all my 38 DD’s to see if they would fit. Nope there all two big. And way to roomy for my liking but that’s what happens when you gain and lose weight. The good thing is I’ll never be a size b so I don’t honestly care and I’m just happy I have breast implants.

But with all the weight loss and the toning I’m guessing my band size has also gone down since the band now is pretty freaking lose on the bras that I do have. I had bought two new bras which were a 38D. At this rate I’m probably a 36 but its been a while since I was last measured so I’ll have to get that checked out as well.

Also most VS bras are pretty pricey so you can see why I’m a little annoyed VS bras are not cheap and its annoying to have to replace them. It would be nice to get some new ones once I know what size I will end up at with this weight loss thing. Though I don’t plan to lose any more weight just tone up my body now and keep my weight where its at is the plan.

Since doing the new workout dvd my weight seems to go up or down by 3 pounds and I know that muscle ways more than fat so I’m guessing that’s what it’s doing I have no idea. The joys of weight loss haha.

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Well Hello

So its been a full week since I started working out using Jillian’s Ripped in 30 dvd. The first two days kicked my butt and I was so sore on the 3rd day I had to take a break and then start back up the following day. I did it for 6 days. I took yesterday off from working out and started week two today. It takes about two days to get the hang of it and then it’s not so bad after that. It kicked my butt today but I feel great after working out so that’s the upside to it. It will be great to see the full results after I’m done using it.

It was my 3 months with my boyfriend yesterday though I also count our first date as it being 3 months. But really the 15th is when we became official. So we went out for dinner at the place that’s near my house and funny enough its where we had our first date. Tho last night we ordered something different then what we tend to always get. We had the spinach dip with nachos and pita to start and then we split a pizza the pizza was ok nothing great but the spinach dip was yum.

Um have not lost any more weight but I am building muscle and that is noticeable. Also my tummy is getting flatter and my arms have more definition in them. I’m super happy with how everything is turning out.

So earlier in the month I had taken Diva to the vet to find out what was up with her fur loss. After spending a good amount of money on blood work everything came back fine and that its apparently due to her age which is bull crap and is probably due to alopecia x which can happen in poms. Anywho when I had taken her to the groomers the last time April 5th her tail had been cut and her front feathers which of course fucked up her fur on her front legs. I was so upset over it that I had complained on Petsmarts facebook page which then they told me to fill out a form online. After I did that the manager in the grooming salon called me to tell me how sorry she was for that one groomer fucking up my dog had told me the next grooming appointment would be free of charge.

So i have booked Diva for another appointment with the manager to do (she had done Diva once before). But because its free of charge I will have the works done on her LOL. As well a fur hair cut and now I just don’t care about her front feathers. Its kind of like you people fucked up my dog so now you can give her everything LOL.

Also my parents got their new puppy her name is Sasha she is a Cavapoo which is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a mini Poodle mix.


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