New Clothing For A New Body

So since I have lost all this weight I have needed to pick up a few new clothing pieces. I just got in the white shorts and skirt that I had written about in my past few posts about Everything White. Those two pieces are what I just got in. they are both jean fabrics with some stretch but in a size 12. I also just picked up a new pair of jeans also in a size 12 and two new dresses in a size large. One of the new dresses is just a plain black one with a cross front neckline jersey fabric. And the other is a lovely fitted tee dress in a pink floral.

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Most the time when you see something on Old Navy you may not be able to get it in store. They also don’t carry tall in store and some things are just not sold in stores. So you have to take a chance if you really like something to get it before its sold out. There is this one dress I have wanted to buy online from Old Navy but it’s always sold out in the size that I want. Either they have it in stock for a XXL or a size S nothing in between. It’s a major bummer but what are you gonna do and they don’t sell it in store.

I have also made a bag for donation of some clothing that no longer is the size that I am now. Its all way to big for me and though some things could be taken in at the seamstress its just easier to replace the clothing since most of it came from Old Navy. Not all of it but a few items did like this jean skirt I think I paid like $25 bucks for it like 2 years ago.

Its really nice to get back to being a size 12 again. I have not been a size 12 in over 5 years. Its also amazing to no longer see a belly or look prego in my clothing and to be able to wear cute clothing again and have it look cute on me. I think that is a huge thing I feel great and I’m looking great which is awesome.

I did some yoga this morning to just relax and stretch out my body and its funny because the last time I did yoga I still had a bit of a tummy. And could see it when I did downward dog and this time it was gone. So that was really nice to see. It’s good to mix up your workout I think. To add in different things so you’re not bored of the same old stuff. Its funny but I have also lost another pound as I posted on my Facebook yesterday I think it was that I guess my body is not done losing pounds which is fine by me really lol. So now I have lost a total of 44 pounds and now down to 194.

And I’m not trying to lose more weight but I’m sure as hell not complaining at all. It’s an awesome feeling to have also I am almost 1 year at my no smoking mark. It will be a year that I have been smoke free come august technically it’s already been a year almost but I had two slip ups last year when I had quit in May. When I went to Toronto in July I smoked and then a half cigarette in August. So come August it will be a full year with no slip ups. YAY me.

As far as my diet I pretty much still eat whatever I want. More veggies, no bread, no red meat like steak but then I hate the taste anyways. I also eat slowly and I still don’t eat anything after I have flossed and brushed my teeth after I have dinner. I also drink loads of water and that’s pretty much it. If and when I do have say potato chips it’s a small bowl. Everything in small portion sizes. If and when you are not full just go and take a little more but most the times I’m full from what I have put on my plate.

I will never allow my self to get to where I was again. It’s when you stop caring about your self is when you let your self go. And its easy to put on the weight, its hard work to get it off. I don’t believe you need to follow anyone’s diet plan or book for that matter. Just eat better, portion size your food, don’t over do the exercise and you will drop the pounds in no time. I also think I had a small bout of a gut bug not 100% sure tho on that one lol.

Anywho I have gone from writing about new clothing to weight loss sorry bout that I was on a role LOL.

Over and Out


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