Before & After

One of my good friends said she wanted to see a before and after so I just took a few snap shots. So I could put them up here of before and after. The first photo is of me last July at 238 pounds. I look ok but my arms are pudgy and my legs are stuffed in those jeans that when I took them off I had to peel them off my lower body. Did not help that the jeans are called super skinny jeans.

485402_10152963156350587_1351489252_n (1)


Now the photo below is of me a few months ago possibly at around 220 pounds give or take some pounds.


This next photo is at my current weight at 194 pounds, You can tell my arms are more toned and my upper thighs have slimmed down a lot. Sorry about the black socks but as I said these are quickly taken snap shots. Also all this exercise has been done with yoga at home dvd as well a at home walking dvd and eating right.

image (1)

I will take other photo’s once I start the new at home workout dvd called Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 Days. To compare photo’s of my body now to what I hope it will become which is more toned then just weight loss. After uploading these shots I can really see a huge difference in my body all over. Its pretty amazing that I did all of it all on my own. Heck if I can do this then anyone can.

Over and Out


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