The smell of it in through my nostrils

The taste of it made me full

I have an addiction

It fills me up, it’s always there when I need it

It makes me feel safe

It never judges me and accepts me for who I am

It sticks to my body

My clothes become tight

My skin becomes overly worked and stretched out

It has a hold on my soul

I hate how I look

I hate not being happy

I need control

I need to just let go

I hate the image

What I see in the mirror

it disgusts me

I can’t stand to look at it anymore

It needs to change

My addiction has to change

My intake has to change

I need to change

Portions are changing

Clothing becoming lose

I like my appearance

The person looking back

I’ve taken control

My addiction is in check

My food is no longer my devil

I love how I look

I love my self wholeheartedly

My Addiction


Lana Poulson


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