Comic Con

So today I went to Comic Con my first one ever with my boyfriend. I ever knew it came to Canada I thought it was just in the states but there ya have it you learn something new everyday. They had a lot of stars there which was cool. People dressed in costumes that were way cool and some who put stuff together quickly you could tell them apart for sure. One of the celebrities was Charisma Carpenter she played Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off series Angel.

She was one person I loved way back when I watched those shows. Well the cool thing is I paid $45 bucks for her to sign a photo of her and I got to tell her how much I enjoyed her on those shows. It was very surreal I did kind of fuck up at the end and she’s like very nice to meet you and I’m like blah blah blah and walked away total loser move but whatever LOL. I shook hands with her which was cool.


I also took some of these photo’s of some things from Star Wars & The car from Back To the Future & GhostBusters

1544308_10154091212775587_8994757315075457816_n 1557718_10154091213550587_4305443507335387572_n 10155860_10154091213010587_8979348792495769887_n 10301541_10154091212565587_3192144384627769948_n 10338344_10154091213245587_9135250572479515903_n

We plan on going next year and dress up. But I told him if that is the case the costumes have to be good. Because the people getting in costume got there photos taken. So if your going to go in costume as so many did you could tell the well done ones from the not so great ones LOL. All in all it wa s fun. But you really need to go all three days because there is a ton to see.

Over and Out


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