Well Hello

So its been a full week since I started working out using Jillian’s Ripped in 30 dvd. The first two days kicked my butt and I was so sore on the 3rd day I had to take a break and then start back up the following day. I did it for 6 days. I took yesterday off from working out and started week two today. It takes about two days to get the hang of it and then it’s not so bad after that. It kicked my butt today but I feel great after working out so that’s the upside to it. It will be great to see the full results after I’m done using it.

It was my 3 months with my boyfriend yesterday though I also count our first date as it being 3 months. But really the 15th is when we became official. So we went out for dinner at the place that’s near my house and funny enough its where we had our first date. Tho last night we ordered something different then what we tend to always get. We had the spinach dip with nachos and pita to start and then we split a pizza the pizza was ok nothing great but the spinach dip was yum.

Um have not lost any more weight but I am building muscle and that is noticeable. Also my tummy is getting flatter and my arms have more definition in them. I’m super happy with how everything is turning out.

So earlier in the month I had taken Diva to the vet to find out what was up with her fur loss. After spending a good amount of money on blood work everything came back fine and that its apparently due to her age which is bull crap and is probably due to alopecia x which can happen in poms. Anywho when I had taken her to the groomers the last time April 5th her tail had been cut and her front feathers which of course fucked up her fur on her front legs. I was so upset over it that I had complained on Petsmarts facebook page which then they told me to fill out a form online. After I did that the manager in the grooming salon called me to tell me how sorry she was for that one groomer fucking up my dog had told me the next grooming appointment would be free of charge.

So i have booked Diva for another appointment with the manager to do (she had done Diva once before). But because its free of charge I will have the works done on her LOL. As well a fur hair cut and now I just don’t care about her front feathers. Its kind of like you people fucked up my dog so now you can give her everything LOL.

Also my parents got their new puppy her name is Sasha she is a Cavapoo which is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a mini Poodle mix.


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