Good Bye My Double D’s

So ya since I have lost all my weight my boobs have shrunk in size as well. I have about 5 bras all from VS that no longer fit not just that but I think my band size has also gone down in size from a 38 to possibly a 36 I really don’t know. I tend to just wear sports bras around the house and when I workout and save my good bras for when I go out.

Iv put a bag aside for clothing that no longer fits and the other day for the hell of it I put on all my 38 DD’s to see if they would fit. Nope there all two big. And way to roomy for my liking but that’s what happens when you gain and lose weight. The good thing is I’ll never be a size b so I don’t honestly care and I’m just happy I have breast implants.

But with all the weight loss and the toning I’m guessing my band size has also gone down since the band now is pretty freaking lose on the bras that I do have. I had bought two new bras which were a 38D. At this rate I’m probably a 36 but its been a while since I was last measured so I’ll have to get that checked out as well.

Also most VS bras are pretty pricey so you can see why I’m a little annoyed VS bras are not cheap and its annoying to have to replace them. It would be nice to get some new ones once I know what size I will end up at with this weight loss thing. Though I don’t plan to lose any more weight just tone up my body now and keep my weight where its at is the plan.

Since doing the new workout dvd my weight seems to go up or down by 3 pounds and I know that muscle ways more than fat so I’m guessing that’s what it’s doing I have no idea. The joys of weight loss haha.

Over and out


One thought on “Good Bye My Double D’s

  1. My weight goes up and down up to 10 pounds throughout the year…I tend to gain more from August through November, then my weight goes down from December through July. It’s weird but I’ve always done that.

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