My Wedding

OK before you think right away what the title is saying let me just point out for most girls, woman, young lady’s whatever we have thoughts of what ours will be everything from location to dress style to what flowers we want and music from a young age. Also when ever we start to date someone or even talk to someone new we tend to picture our selves marring the person at least for me that is what I do.

When I’m single and I talk to someone new even before the first date happens I think to my self could he be the one and if so could he be marriage material. Call me crazy but its just something I have always done. That’s one thing that I would still like for my self is to get married. Funny enough my blog theme is just that like a wedding theme that’s why all the writing is in blue when you read it. As for the pink and rhinestones background I found that on Google and I like anything that sparkles its pretty bad really when ever I’m out if something sparkles I have to go look at it haha.

As for my wedding I have been planning that since I was 16 give or take. I know the location, the colors the flowers, the style of dress I want. The music the after party. Here are my ideas lol. Location is either a back yard wedding something intimate. Or an old church even though I’m not really that religious or the last spot would be like outside some where that’s lovely. As for flowers white and pink roses. Color of dress is champagne and or white if I can’t get that color. Though I do think the dress should be not overly expensive because your only wearing it once. Id be happy with something from Davids Bridal under $300 bucks and I have seen some pretty ones on their site for under that price. I also like dresses that have chiffon fabric because its flowy and dreamy lol and I also like empire waist because it’s very flattering. As I said I also like champagne or white if I could not get the golden color.

As for guests small of only close family and friends nothing to crazy and over the top. Thankfully I don’t know to many people. As for family I would not invite cousins iv never met. Except for maybe the ones I know of LOL. I don’t care much for big weddings with tons of people just close family and close friends.

I would want classical music playing as I walk down the aisle. And have my dad give me away. Hopefully that will happen in the next 5 years that would be awesome. Ok so after party would be one of two things. The first would be a nice quite dinner nothing to fancy just simple and elegant and nice. Or a reception with a dj or some sort of live music at a nice hall. With buffet style food of sea food of some kind maybe sushi or something. The food part I have never really thought of I just know the basics haha. I also would handle the invitations and such.

As for the groom maybe he would handle the food aspects lol and show up haha. Though I do know when you marry someone it’s talked about and what they would also want it’s not just the brides day but both their days so it is also about compromising. So ya I think I know what I want just a tad just a tiny bit haha. But I think its good to know what you want. Better to know then to not know its just about finding the right person that’s suited for you. And that you love enough that you would want to do that with get married that is.

Id also want to be engaged for a little while before getting married at least for a year. I think that is a long enough time lol.

I still have hope that this will happen for me I do now anyways.

Over and Out

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