My Thoughts On Working Out

I have been working out since a little of last year. My main goal was to lose weight which I have done a total of 45 pounds. I still kind of hate working out but I like the benefits of what it gives me. For the past 10 days or so I have been using Jillian Michael’s Ripped In 30. Iv taken two days off from it to use my other dvds as well a rest day. Today my hips are sore and on top of that I’m walking the dogs everyday when it’s not raining so they get there exercise.

I think the Ripped in 30 is great for people who are already flexible. I am not as flexible as Id like to be and probably never will be because of being so tall. And I’m ok with that. Also because of how my body is I doubt it will ever get ripped. Plus I don’t really care to be miss muscles to be honest with y’all. I’m proud of losing what I have lost. But let’s be real for a second I do not look pretty or attractive overly skinny. I’m not trying to lose more weight and I am eating what I want still. I used to be 165 and that was just way to skinny and when I was in my teens I was between 150 and 155 which of course was way to thin.

I feel great at 193 and I have surpassed my goal weight of 200 pounds. Iv lost 7 pounds past my 200 mark. I do feel amazing but even the latest pair of jeans I bought are now needing a belt and there only a size 12. I can put them on with out undoing the button. I think the ripped in 30 is great but I’m gonna stop using it day in and day out and switch it up. Maybe use it every second or 3rd day. It’s rather annoying when you lose so much weight and your clothing no longer fits because its to big for you. Though I don’t mind some things but I just bought those jeans so that’s a piss off but whatever.

Here are a before and afterish lol

Far left 238, left 225, first right 194 before Ripped 30 dvd , Right 193 More toned I think LOL.

485402_10152963156350587_1351489252_n (1)imageimage (1)IMG_1377

Over And Out


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