New Bath Towels


Just bought these new towels they were a complete set came with two bath, two hand towels and two wash cloths for only $29.99 retail value of $60. I love the colour.

Iv been wanting new towels for a while but most places only sell piece by piece and when you want a set for a decent price and of some what decent quality it can be hard to find.

There was another colour I had seen the day before but was not thrilled with it. So I passed on that but went back to the store and found this colour. This is my third set of towels. I have my dark brown which has been well used.

I also have my decorative towels they are also brown but with detailed bottoms with hints of gold and tassels they are pretty but not so much user friendly lol. They go with this fabric shower curtain that I have.

The great thing about these new ones I bought go with my mat and shower curtain that I have right now. They would also go with my b&w Marilyn Monroe shower curtain.

My problem with shopping is it does not matter if it’s clothing or home decor things I love it all lol.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “New Bath Towels

  1. That’s so weird – we just finally bought new towels after using the same ones for 14 years. LOL! I hate shopping for home decor or anything like that so i just would never go buy any. The towels we had were barely even towels anymore just rags!

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