old pic

Cute top right lol was my favorite at that time. The hair was my favorite s well since it was all mine. This photo was back in 2005 in my old apartment when I lived with a roommate first time living on my own. The top I no longer have let alone the blonde hair or the length of it. But I am slowly getting there another year or so and my hair should be about that length or longer.

Though I was much thinner in that photo as well maybe 160 pounds. I’m about 185 give or take a few pounds as I write this post. I was going through 2007 posts on my Facebook page and found this photo. The hair color was from a box dye I bought at the drug store it was amazing because it would dye my brown roots without any major help. The only thing is I had yellow blonde hair not so much ash LOL. But I loved it at the time.

Iv also loved thin eye brows and still do to this day. Even though thick brows are in at the moment. I have tried to grow mine out it’s not that easy any more. So I just stick to my thin brows and fill them in now and then. I used to have bushy brows and hated them.

I’m looking forward to my hair getting to that length because then I can get some hair extensions and the kind you clip in so I can go long or short on a whim. I’m excited to get to that stage as well so happy I have hair again. Nothing beats having your own hair that is for darn sure. I have yet gone to a hair stylist to trim the back of my hair I just do it my self with hair clippers ever so carefully just trim a little bit off the back. So the layers can grow out since the back always seems to grow longer then the rest. It’s funny how that is.

Because if you don’t keep trimming the back while everything else grows it can look like a mullet and that’s not the look I’m going for. When I first grew my hair out some years ago I could not get past the cutting part when my mother was trying to explain it to me. I thought but why cut the back when I can put in into a ponytail. And she’s like you have to cut the back if you want everything to be one length LOL. I finally got what she was saying after it was cut lmao. Also I’m waiting till everything gets much longer to have things trimmed up everywhere else. Nothing is worse then growing out your hair go to a hair stylist you tell them what you want and then they mess up your hair. I figure by the fall it should be long enough to have it cut into a style. And till then I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.

Also what stops me from having any form of a trichotillomaina episode is when my hands start to play with my hair I remind my self shaving is not an option or wearing a wig full-time. And that now that I have two different kinds of textures in my hair its normal and to leave it alone. Because I have wavy/curly and straight. Its so odd to no longer have just pin straight hair. I’m hoping once it gets longer it will be pretty other wise Ill have to use a flat iron on it all the time lol. My bangs have a bit of curl its so funny. The other night I used the flat iron on them to make them straight never had to do that before.

Any who gotta love the growing out hair process thankfully my hair is long enough now where it looks cute and its not so much an ugly stage.

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