My Problem With Beauty Products

Woman and Table of Beauty Care Products

There are so many different kinds on the market today. Such products for mascara what will apparently lengthen your lashes make them thick and beautiful. Lip products that will give you 24-hour wear. And everything from eye brow shadow to fill them in to gels just for the brows to hair powders yes hair powders to hind those pesky roots if you don’t have time to do a full root touch up with hair color.

Also creams that will cover correct your face so its perfect with anti oxidants to help your skin all the same time by giving you sun screen protection. And all of this in the name of beauty and staying the best you can possibly be because the world is so fucking fake. And if that was not enough they have blush, highlighters and bronzing powders so you look like you have a tan and you look like someone photo-shopped the hell out of you because the world is all about looking perfect and you can’t have any flaws.

Sure some would argue and say we just want to enhance our natural beauty but guess what if the stores and TV and YouTube makeup gurus were not out there promoting all these products everyone could be natural and not so made up all the time.

Sure who does not look better with makeup but the amount of products that are out there and that are coming out each and everyday how does one save money when it’s all about buying everything new. It just floors me how many different products are out there that kind of all do the same thing. But each has a different marketing ploy to get consumers to buy the products. If you think of a product it’s probably already is either in the works of being made or its on a store shelf somewhere.

Nobody wants to get old but you just can’t stay young forever and you can only camouflage your face to a point with makeup and till everyone starts to look like other people LOL. The joys of beauty products and beauty ploys they put up on us so we buy their products. And as I write this fun little post I too am thinking of the next beauty product I plan on buying.

The never-ending battle with beauty products.

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