Meeting The Folks

So tomorrow I’m meeting my boyfriends family well most of it anyways. We are going there for dinner before him and I go to the movies. I sorta met his dad yesterday but it was out of the blue and I froze up and forgot to introduce my self to his father. My mother and I were on our way home from running some errands and he lives not far from my house so I thought we could pick him up since he was coming over anyways. I rang the door bell and his father opens the door, I asked if he was home and he’s like yup one moment called for him and we just stood there in silence. I was going to say you can let him know Lana is here or I’m Lana but nothing came out lol.

So I say sort of meet his family because his sister does not live at home and who knows if his brother will be there. I’m bringing over some wine and will be wearing tasteful clothing casual but ya the girls wont be in plain site lol. Before we drove away his parents were going out so his mother waved and I waved back. I’ve never met anyone’s parents before. I think I was a little intimidated by his dad I was not expecting him to answer the door lol. Thankfully I do know what some of the shows his mother watch’s so that’s something to chat about and his dad was in the military so I’ll think of something to say about that to make conversation. But I wont stress about it just let things flow. Hopefully they will like me and I wont shy up to much. Believe it or not but when meeting new people I hardly speak. It’s once I get comfortable that I am able to chat.

So it shall be interesting and its to rain so even better LOL.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Meeting The Folks

  1. My plan for meeting parents is to always make it very clear to the mom and dad how much I love/like their child and how good I will take care of them! LOL! But seriously when you think about it, that’s what parents want for their children, a partner who will love them as much as they do. Not like hanging all over them being gross, but just being kind to them and making it clear that I have their best interest at heart. I don’t need to show off how smart I am or pretty or what a great job I have, just mostly that I will be good to their kid! LOL. And yeah I learned that the hard way.

    1. I googled some info like tips and things for first time meeting the folks, I’m brining a bottle of wine over. He’s told me what type of shows his mom likes so that’s good. I’m going to be my self and play it as cool as possible I’m sure if will go over well. Hopefully lol

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