Meeting The Folks Part 2

So yesterday I finally met my boyfriends family except sister I’ll be meeting her on Canada Day July 1st. Its funny but afterwards my boyfriend said wow they were chatty lol. His parents are very nice as is his brother. The conversation flowed smoothly and I asked questions to better get to know everyone. Though the first 5 minutes I was pretty quite but that quickly went away haha. His parents are easy to talk to and his mother liked the bottle of wine I brought. We had a very nice dinner of curry chicken and very tasty veggies on a wrap style.

They have a very nice home as well and from what my boyfriend told me his mother likes me still waiting on word of what his father and brother thought of me, though I believe they liked me as well. His father likes to cook and he’s a good cook the food tasted very good. It went better than I expected though I did not know what to expect because Iv never really been in that situation before. Over all it went well. And I’m excited to meet his sister on Canada Day. His family is having a BBQ of course weather permitted lol.

I wore a very tasteful outfit white jean shorts with purple runners and a cami and over shirt. Though I showed no cleavage it was buttoned up.


July first not sure what I will wear but I won’t be buttoned up it will be stylish and tasteful tho. I don’t really own anything slutty anymore thankfully. His dad is really interesting he’s been every where but Asia. Being with the military hes travailed all over the place. I really like his family. I feel very positive of how things are going and extremely happy.

Also as for movie we went and saw The Fault In Our Stars. With out giving anything away its a love story and reminds me of the Note Book. the ending surprised me I did not think it was going to end the way it did. I would give it a 5 star rating. It’s a long movie but really did not seem that long it went by so fast. I love movies that make you think about the impotent things in life. Definitely a movie worth checking out and going to see on the big screen. It will be a movie to add to my collection for sure when it comes out on dvd.

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