So iv hid my credit card so I can stop using it while I pay it off again. At $200 per month I should have it paid off in the next 6 months or so. Iv done it once before I can do it again.

I also need to budget my money better then I have been. Now that I have a relationship I really need to buckle down in spending and going places. Iv also decided to stop colouring my hair. Because I plan on going blonde when it gets a bit longer. So really doing my roots every four weeks or so is pointless.

Iv decided to put my self on a $20 dollar allowance whatever I don’t use that week I can transfer to the next. And when going out I will only have cash with me the bank card will have to sit at home. I tend to just use the bank card and carry no cash but that has to change.

As for upgrades like doing my headboard and making it glam will have to wait till the fall. My father is going to help me transform it. But I’ll wait till the fall to do that since it will cost some cash for sure to DIY it.

Thankfully clothing and shoes and undergarments. I don’t need. So ya need to really start to budget better. Buckle down man lmao.

The joys of money lol.
Over & Out


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