The Battle With My Trich

Lately it’s getting to me. And I’m not sure why well one of the reasons is that the texture is bothering me I think more so near the ends but ya. Iv have trich since I can remember which has been a very long time. At the moment I have a full head of hair Iv dyed it 3 times so far. To hide the grey bits. Yesterday I pulled 6 hairs and today one. Tho as I write this out I decided to throw on one of my wigs. And will probably have to wear it in the evenings in my room so my hands don’t mess with my bio hair.

It’s probably the longest its been in years at the moment. It’s a huge accomplishment that A. I have not done more damage and B. growing it as long as it is. I dyed it the first time when it was much shorter to hide the grey but it was a lighter color. Since then I have dyed it twice a darker color to hide the grey bits next will be to high light it. To hopefully camouflage the grey. I know coloring it is not helping with the texture but really its the wavy curly bits that I have a problem with.

This is my hair so far.


Also it does not help that I get a feeling of relief when hair is pulled. Or played with at the front of my head because that’s typically where I always pull from. I really do want to grow my hair long and have a full head of luscious long pretty hair again. And I don’t care to wear wigs especially in the hot summer months that’s the worst. I’m just not that happy with out my own hair. I feel like a fake with out it. Which is odd because I love wigs if it were not for the whole being hot thing and sometimes uncomfortable. Oh and the small caps because I have such a large head.

Anyways I’m going to do everything in my power to find different ways to hide my hair and have my hands not go to my head. Its funny but when I wear wigs I don’t touch my head at all. So maybe I will have to do that for a while wear wigs again and till I’m past this wanting to pull stage. Whatever it takes I will do.

Because pulling is not an option and shaving my head is out of the question.

Thank god I have options.

Over & Out


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