Stretch Marks

Why is it every time I watch Sex & The City I wanna blog lol. Any who I thought I would write about this wee topic because I have yet to read anything about it. So before I gained 60 pounds I was free from stretch marks except the ones from my growth spurts as a kid. Yes you read that right 60 pounds is the going number I’ve lost so far. Which puts me at 178 lbs to date back to the topic at hand. When I started to gain all the weight I noticed my skin stretching and giving me these very unpleasant marks. There on my upper thighs my arms and my stomach as well my love handle area.

Since losing all that weight I am now left with the unsightly marks. I almost want to call them my war marks because I put myself through gaining all that fat. If I had never ate my feelings and hated how I looked being that weight and felt and ate more I would not have such things on my body. Am I self-conscious about them no not really because I did it to my self but I rose above and put the hard work in losing all that weight.

Its funny though because when I was younger and thinner I thought Id never get fat. It would never happen to me and then when it did happen. I just kept going up in weight because I was un happy. I hated how I looked hated how my clothing fitted but I was so unhappy in the way of not wanting to put the work into getting fit. And I thought I love food and peanut butter and and and. Why should I have to workout or whatever why can’t I eat what I want and get the man I want and so forth. The stretch marks started to get a bit crazy and they were red it was really not appealing. And the skin rubbing between my upper thighs was getting on my nerves. And I was tired of looking prego when I can’t even get prego also to not getting the type of guys I wanted to date.

I had finally hit rock bottom after being disgusted looking in the mirror butt naked. Before jumping into the shower I was like ugh things need to change. Since putting in a year worth of hard work and eating smart and portion sizing my food and not to forget working out I now have a swimmers build to a degree because my body won’t be perfect but its a shit load better than what it was. I don’t have abs but I’m ok with that my tummy is as flat as its going to get. I’m probably in the best shape of my life and its all because of the work I put into getting this way.

Now its all about making sure things stay the way they are, I have said a few times about maintaining my weight but to be honest I think I’ve made my metabolism a boost because I’m not trying to lose more weight but the few pounds seem to be just coming off. I still have a cheat day. I still will drink wine here and there or have something sweet. And even will have chips on the odd occasion. I’m not following anyone’s diet or any of that crap. And still eating what I normally eat. I honestly am just doing my own thing with this whole getting in shape and eating better. I don’t think that cutting things out of your diet altogether is smart. However I also have IBS so I think that has played a small part in me losing weight as well. Because I can’t eat some things most people can.

I would have to say tho since I got off topic again is that I’m not ashamed of getting those stretch marks but I wish they were less. I also have to say I have a little extra skin on my tummy I’m not pleased with but its nothing crazy. And am thankful I did not gain more to have sagging skin. I will never get back to being 238. Hello 178 on a good day LOL.

Just Believe In Yourself & You Can Do Anything.

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Day Two No Poo lol

I’m talking about shampoo or conditioner for that matter. I did however use my dry shampoo and tomorrow will wash my hair but I wanted to see if I could go two days without having to wash my hair. the ends of my bangs are not as dried out feeling on the second day. I read this great article  about how often should you be washing your hair.

Info taken from the  article 

You may be washing your hair more often than you need to.

“I hear so many people obsess about shampooing their hair every day,” says Nick Arrojo, owner of New York’s Arrojo Studio and former stylist on TLC’s reality makeover show What Not to Wear. “They get freaked out because they think anything less will result in dirty, smelly hair. But shampooing three or four times a week is plenty.”

Ultimately, how often you shampoo is a matter of personal preference. “It really depends on the scalp and hair type and what you do to the hair,” says Paradi Mirmirani, MD, a Vallejo, Calif., dermatologist and specialist in hair research.

Chances are you can stand to lather up a little less.

Shampoo Daily?

Dermatologists and stylists agree that there’s little reason to shampoo every day.

“Hair is a fiber,” Mirmirani says. “Think of a wool fiber: The more you wash it, the worse it’s going to look. There’s no need to wash your hair every day either.” The longer, thicker, curlier, and more processed your hair, the longer it can go between washes.

“This is because the oils from the scalp do not travel down the hair shaft as quickly, so the hair tends to be dry and requires less frequent shampooing,” says Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, director of ethnic skin care at the University of Miami.

Even most unprocessed, short, thin, straight hair can skip a day. Daily shampooing is only necessary if oil production on the scalp is high, Zoe Draelos, MD, writes in the International Journal of Trichology. Arrojo says that the only reason to shampoo daily would be for the fragrance. And if you must, he says, you should use a lightweight shampoo. Lightweight shampoos, also labeled “everyday shampoos,” contain milder detergents than others.

Every Few Days?

Laura Saunders, a stay-at-home mom in Raleigh, N.C., has straight hair. “It gets oily fast,” she says. “I only wash it every other day, and I put some baby powder on it if I need to absorb some of the oil on the other days,” she says. Arrojo says that powders and dry shampoos do work for absorbing oils between washes. “One trick is to use talcum powder in the hair in lieu of shampoo,” he says.

The powders shouldn’t replace shampoo all together, Woolery-Lloyd says. Many women shampoo their hair less often than Saunders. Melissa Capasso, an artist in Brooklyn, N.Y., shampoos her long, thick curls once a week. “If I shampoo more than that, my hair dries out, it loses its natural curl, and it gets frizzy and unmanageable.” Capasso relies on daily conditioning and scalp massage to break up oils, loosen dirt, and keep her hair manageable between shampoos. “Some people with curly hair actually only shampoo monthly and use just conditioner in between to maintain moisture and healthy curls,” Woolery-Lloyd says.

As hair types and textures vary by ethnicity, so does the need to shampoo. “As an African-American, I grew up being told that shampooing any more than once a week would cause my hair to dry and break off,” says Lori Pindar, a university administrator in Clemson, S.C. Like Capasso, Pindar’s daily routine includes conditioner, not shampoo.

Shampoo’s bubbles, which people often associate with cleanness, are actually created by the harshest ingredients, sulfates, and are not necessary for cleansing the scalp. Experts say these foaming agents, which dehydrate the hair, are only in cleansing products because people expect bubbles. “That’s what we’ve gotten used to because we see the commercials with big white foam,” Mirmirani says.

Excessive shampooing can require excessive styling. “Hair washed every day with shampoo tends to need more styling product. Because it’s so clean, it’s also soft, loose, and floppy and therefore harder to style,” Arrojo says. All these products lead to more shampooing as they build up and make hair look dull, Mirmirani says. “Shampoo removes oil and excess skin cells from the scalp. It’s not doing any favors for the hair, unless you have a lot of product in it that is making your hair look dull. But in general, shampoo is not good for fiber,” Mirmirani says.

Simply switching to nonfoaming, sulfate-free cleansers will also go a long way. “Natural ingredients produce less suds, but they still have plenty of cleaning power with the added benefit of less residue,” Arrojo says. Bogna McAndrew, an entrepreneur in London, quit shampooing her long, straight hair. She says her hair always looked best when it was a little dirty and she wished it could look that way when it was clean.

Gel Nails


Those are not my nails, photo taken from Google.

So I’m thinking about getting gel nails again. Ever since I eradicated my testosterone I can’t seem to grow my nails very well. I used to be able to grow them very long and when painted people used to complement me on how they looked. Because they looked almost fake. But since having a surgery last year which removed almost all traces of testosterone I’ve had trouble with my nails.

Now I can’t seem to grow them much. And when they do get any kind of length they peel or split on the sides. I’ve used nail stuff to help but it’s not helping at all. I’m taking vitamins but its doing nothing for these nails of mine.  Everytime I think oh there getting somewhat nice one or two decide to say guess what no such luck. There is no point in painting them anymore because it’s just a waste of time. Its been months since Iv tried to get any length on these fuckers lol and then once a nail splits or peals you have to file it down and then match the rest.

So I’m thinking about getting gel nails done again. I had them in the beginning of last year and liked them. Thinking of getting them again there are a few nail shops where I live and after doing price comparison there all the same price. I don’t want anything to long and not those stiletto pointed ones but something that looks natural. The first time I had them done was to stop biting my nails cause I had gone through a stage of that but since then I stopped. I was able to grow them and keep them but then had surgery and since then its been a battle to grow anything decent.

So I may be doing a post and a show and tell of my new gel nails if and when I get them done. I’ll take a photo of what my nails look like before and then after.

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Giving Back

So today I went with my mother to drop off some wigs to the Canadian Cancer Society. I had contacted them about a week or so ago to see where I could drop off some gently used wigs. The few that my friend gave to me don’t fit so well and I have a few that I’m just not using anymore and there in pretty decent condition. I’m sure someone who is dealing with hair loss could get some good use out of them. I have one that is a blonde shade with dark roots its like a boy cut. I have another one that is a mono top its an Amore wig brand with some touch up trimming it will look brand new I’m sure. I lace front ear to ear it’s just to small for my big old head and a headband wig that’s also to small for my head.

I had mailed some wigs off a year ago to a lady over in the states but this time I wanted to see if I could donate here in my city. I emailed the CCS and someone wrote me back with an address I could go and drop them off too. I kept 3 wigs for my self. Two bobs and my long semi curled wig. I say semi curled because I’m re curling the synthetic fibers with rollers and hot water. I had used a flat-iron to make it straight but it does not look so great. So at the moment its a testing wig lol. FYI the rollers and hot water method is turning out great. I’ll write another post about it and the finished results with pics.

My two bobs I kept one of them is my 100% hand tied lace-front wig the Victoria by Jon Renau. It’s probably my favorite wig of all time. And the way the back of my hair was cut I can still wear the wig and if some of my bio hair shows through it looks OK just looks a bit darker. And this other bob wig its a mono top that my friend gave to me. It’s a tad shiny but I’m gonna use some dry shampoo on it to dull the shine.

So I have a few options to play around with as my crazy growing out stage continues with my hair. I can’t be giving all my wigs away or Id be left with nothing. But the small few I have donated I feel great in doing and I know someone will be able to get good use out of the ones I dropped off. I feel great for donating especially to a great cause.

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A Love Letter

To my beloved boyfriend. I love how you make me feel. The touch of your hand on my skin. The way you look at me. I love how much you love me.

I love how your different then me that were not exactly alike but that we have many things in common. I love how you don’t care if I’m in comfy clothing when you come over, or not a stick of makeup on. That you love me for who I am regardless of my flaws.

I love you Mr M

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Dry Shampoo by Got2b


So today I went to good old Walmart and bought some of this. With tax it came to around $6 something. Any who I’ve been dealing with an oily scalp. And it turns out when you have an oily scalp not to wash your hair every single day. Because your scalp can produce more oil you need to skip a few days if can. And if you must wash then try using dry shampoo so I read.

So I picked up this stuff and sure it there is a bit of a white cast at first but once you work it into your scalp its gone. I personally like the smell of it. Though you need to work it into your roots with your fingertips and then brush it through. There was another one there that was clear which I may pick up at some point after I’m done with this can. But we shall see. This stuff is easy to use and hey if I can get away with not having to wash my hair everyday that would give my scalp some breathing room hopefully.

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So there is this show on the E network called Botched. It’s about people’s botched plastic surgeries everything from messed up nose jobs to breast implants to messed up tummy tucks and everything in-between. The show is good but it freaks me out from having any more surgery which is a good thing. The two doctors that fix these people’s botched surgeries are married or have been married to the wives that have been on the Real Housewives Franchise.

Any who they do really great work in fixing other people’s mistakes but some of the surgery that they show I have to look away or speed up the show. I used to be able to watch such things but now it’s not that fascinating to me. I do like to see what they’re working with before hand and then the finished look but that’s about it.

I told a friend of mine about the show and she’s like I love the show makes me want to get more surgery. That to me is clearly a sign she might be addicted to it lol. To me the show makes me not want to get anymore of course when the time comes I’ll get my breast implants replaced but that’s it. I’ve talked about getting my nose done in the past but then I have seen other people’s and my nose looks like its been done compared to theirs which is funny to me.



Normally I always hate my side profile but this photo of my nose is awesome. So ya I don’t think I’d really change anything else. I mean who wants to look the same. Once everyone starts to get work done everyone just looks the same. I mean plastic that whole plastic look it’s just not all that pretty in my books. So ya that show is kind of crazy last night there was a female impersonator who does Madonna and this guy had work done just on his face to look more like her when he’s in full drag.

He wanted her nose and so the doctors told him if you do this, this and that your nose will be fucked up and for him just sticking to doing makeup tricks. Thankfully they declined to do the work he was asking for and he accepted their advice. But I was thinking wow some people just go over board. Any who if this type of thing is interesting then go check out Botched On the E network or channel or whatever haha.

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Bye Bye YouTube

Decided I will just stick to blogging. That way I don’t have to worry about looking perfect on camera. Plus I get more out of blogging. There are so many people on YouTube and all of those people are in full makeup with fab hair and I just can’t be bothered with all of that. So I removed those two videos I posted and ya lol. Still have my account of course so I can watch other people’s videos and the selective few makeup gurus I watch. But ya I don’t have the energy to go back and video edit and all that fun stuff lmao.

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Clothing Sizes

So today I went down to one of my favorite clothing stores (Long Tall Sally). I tried on a pair of lift and shape skinny jeans in a size 10. Which fit perfectly but at their new hefty price of $95 bucks I put them back. The last three pairs I bought were $79 not sure why they hijacked the price but they did. I was not there to buy any jeans but I wanted to know what size I was. I then tried on a different pair of jeans again in a size 10 and they were to big so I tried the next size down in a 8. And they fit perfectly so its funny how one pair your one size and in the other your something else.

At least I know if I ever buy another pair of lift and shape I know I’m now a size 10 as for any other jean I will have to go into the store to try on. Instead of buying them online. My main reason for going was for this one jacket I saw online but when I got to the store they did not have any in stock. I also tried on a jean jacket in a 12 and that fit perfectly. So now I know what size I am in those since I have one that is a 16 and I’m drowning in it.

My red dress that I have I tried on last night and its a size 14 so I’m pretty sure I’m now a size 12. I did not try on any dresses at the store was not in the mood for that but I’m pretty sure I’m a 12. Anyways its just funny how clothing sizes range from one to the other. Also when you lose weight I never thought Id be fitting into a size 10 or an 8 for that matter it’s pretty freaking cool.

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Divergent Book Series by Veronica Roth


If you have not seen the movie go and get the books. My boyfriend and I watched the movie in theaters the first of many I hope. Divergent which is this amazing movie and series of books By Veronica Roth. After the movie my boyfriend went out and bought all three. He read the first book then gave me to read as he went on to read the second and third book.

It’s mainly around 5 factions society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent) and the two main characters Tris and Tobias. It’s a love story of sorts as well where do you belong. That is all I’m going to say because you just have to trust me on this its a really great read oh and the fourth book is now out which I am currently reading. My wonderful boyfriend bought it yesterday so I could read it since he has started reading the first book again.

I’ve never watched a movie before that I recall and then started reading the book. It was neat to see in my imagination what the movie left out that the first book had and then to imagine how it went from there reading the second and third book and even the fourth.

It’s the kind of book where you start reading it and you don’t want to put it down. If you have not seen the trailer for the movie check it out below, Oh and Go get the books for a fun thrill ride experience.