The HairCut

So this morning was my hair cut with my moms stylist. Of course its a tad nerve-racking when you see hair drop on to the cape you wear. But I just keep reminding my self my hair needs this badly. My moms stylist is good at what she does and I explained to her exactly what I want to do as well showed her an old photo of me with my blonde long hair. And said Id like to get back to this again.

She did remove the split ends as well thinned out my hair and slightly textured it. I also said that I will stop coloring my hair to just let it grow out which she did agree that I should do since I want to go blonde down the road. I don’t have to go back now and till December. Since by then it will just need a slight trim.

She cut very little off my bangs and evened up the rest of my hair as well-shaped the back a tad. So as it grows out it will grow in to a little shape. Of course as I look down on the cape I’m like omg all that hair eeeek. But I do know my hair needed it tho I do think she thinned it out a tad too much but she knows what she’s doing. She even teaches some private classes at the hair school that is also in the same plaza.

So here is the two pics I took of it the first one is right out of the salon. And the second photo is after I got home took a shower and re styled my hair the way I like it. But now I have at least another option to wear it.

Oh before haircut first, Right After the Salon. 3rd Showered and Styled by me.



I will most likely be taking progressive photo’s as I grow out my hair. Also she told me to not use my clippers anymore which of course I wont be but I did trim up the back my self twice and had trimmed my bangs my self once. But now that I got my hair trimmed up and some what shaped by a hair stylist I’ll just keep going back to her to do the rest. My hair for sure feels healthier and softer. I think it’s because the dead ends are gone.

I mean I have not had a real hair cut since I have grown out my hair and now it no longer looks like a mop. I did tell her that I do suffer from trich and that to change-up my style I will throw on a wig to change it up she said it was a smart idea lol. I’m pleased with the results and I know it will look great when its a few inches longer as well. At least by that point it wont looks so crazy. And it can start to grow out nicely.

Lets take a look back at where I started from.

10153559_10153921784490587_1506298101_n photo (1)

Picture0488 1508642_10154139901605587_3866701586794554707_n 10481948_10154264286130587_7651323441371845870_n


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