Hello 185lbs

So I have reached a major weight goal I never thought possible but I am happy to say I’m 185 pounds. I have been able to stay under the 190 mark for the last few weeks and just today stepped on the scale and it read 184. So I’m pretty thrilled with what I have done since last July. My weight either goes up or stays at 185 and I know it’s what I consume I also kind of count calories in my head. I’m kidding kind of but you get what I mean. I’m still using my walking dvd and because I have memorized it I don’t even need the dvd to watch. But will watch it from time to time. It also helps that I’m dating someone whose also into fitness and eating right.

Also if you wonder what I do when I eat out. I tend to stick to wraps more so than anything else and most of the time will eat a salad if it comes with a wrap or pick a better side dish. It’s very rare that I eat anything deep-fried. Since I have lost all the weight I will treat my self once in a while with onion rings or fries. But it’s very rare. I don’t believe in diets or diet pills or any of that crap. I just follow my own way of eating oh and I can’t forget but it really is all about portion control. You may think ya right at first but its the only way if you live with family like I do. You just have to cut back on what you eat.

The walking dvd I have spoken about is this one. Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds: 7-Day Calorie Blast You can pretty much buy it anywhere. ( Amazon.com or Ebay.ca ). You can be at any level of fitness as long as your moving that is what counts. Her dvd is pretty much what got me to lose all of what I lost. I did use a yoga dvd as well for a little while till I got bored with that workout. That dvd is called Beginning Yoga with Chrissy Carter ( Amazon.com or  Amazon.ca ) You might be able to find them on YouTube but if you buy them then you will always have them to go to without needing the internet.

Yes I’ve never stepped foot into a gym because I want to wear whatever the heck I want to and not be bothered by distractions or people. And I can work out at the pace I’m comfortable with doing. Some people like gyms but I thought because of limited funds I can use a dvd and workout. And It has worked for me also I was sick of being fat. That also motivated me to work out and eat right. I also know that my body will never be perfect but my main goal was to lose weight get healthy and start loving my self. Also if you smoke you should probably quit. Its been almost a year for me come August that has really helped as well.

If I can lose the pounds then you can to and I hate exercise lol. But I like what it has done for me. So I keep it up so I don’t go back to my old ways. I swore I would never let my self go again and to not stop caring. Just believe in your self and you can do anything.

I’m at my heaviest 238 on the left & on the right 185 pounds.



Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Hello 185lbs

  1. I do not like working out at gyms either…I like Leslie Sansone and also Jari Love – she’s Canadian too LOL. But she has great workouts. Congrats on losing the weight! Wow!

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