Maintaining My Weight

Since I started my weight loss journey I have lost a total of 50 pounds give or take a few. The main thing has been to maintain the weight that I am now so I don’t keep losing more weight. I have also cut back on the amount of times I work out. Since it has become summer time I have started to walk the dogs more often. And so if I walk them then I don’t use my walking dvd. I also will take a day or two off from working out. I have not touched my Jillian Crazy workout dvd because I’m pretty content with what I have achieved and my goal was to never get crazy ripped just more in-shape and to lose weight. I’m very happy with where I am at.

I still don’t have a big appetite anymore. And my body reacts in the worst way when I over stuff my face it’s not a pretty site and watch out. Because I get sick from both ends it’s really not that pleasant. My boyfriend and I went out to eat last weekend at a 50’s style diner and I had the breakfast deal for lunch I was craving pancakes lol. Anyways the plate had not one but 3 big sized blueberry pancakes it came with two scrambled eggs 4 thin pieces of bacon and tea. I drank half of the tea I ate half of the eggs only two pieces of bacon and one pancake. I felt like wow what a waste of food because I could not eat all of it. They never offered it to us in a doggy bag which means they most likely threw it out.

I almost have to ask the next time I go out to eat at a place I have not been to before to ask if they can potion size it for me or ask how many things come with the order. So it’s not a waste of food. I mean I was full by what I did eat. It’s amazing how you can go from being able to pig out on any and everything to really cutting back. For me if I’m going to treat my self to something like desert I have to either eat less of the main dish or have a very small piece of the desert. And the funny thing is that if its small it still satisfy’s my taste buds. I do still drink wine on occasion. It’s very rare that I have mixed drinks like rum and coke and what not. I used to love rum and coke but it’s no longer my favorite drink.

As for sweets I can live with out them. I find most sweets to sweet for me now that I’m on the path of eating better. Though I will have a donut now and than. So ya I’m still pretty much eating what I want but Iv also become somewhat picky. My favorite meat is skinless boneless chicken haha and I pretty much love all veggies but cabbage hates me but that’s fine. It’s really not the end of my world. It’s a super awesome feeling to fit into clothing that is a large and a size 12 again and even my size 12 is a tad to big but hey Id rather go down in size then up any day.

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4 thoughts on “Maintaining My Weight

  1. This is encouraging for me! I’ve just started my weight loss journey this week. I’m new to this blogging, but I think it will help me. When did you begin? I need to lose 40-50lbs

    1. I began last year around July. Its hard work but well worth it and baby steps is really how I did it. I lost 50 pounds I was 238 when I started and now I’m 185. Check out my Weight Loss Category on my blog. hope it helps. 🙂

      1. Thanks! I’m sure it will because I’m taking baby steps also. Congrats on the weight loss!

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