Not Happy With My Hair

So it’s been a few days since getting my hair done. I think she thinned it out way to much and I’m not happy about that I also think she cut way to much. It kind of sucks because I never asked for all the thinning she the stylist just went ahead and said I needed to have it all done.

She also thinned out my bangs way to much and in one spot it’s not that great. It’s a shock to my brain because when I feel my hair it’s not thick anymore and that bugs me. Sure the split ends are gone but the thickness is gone too that I was loving.

Ya I know it’s just hair and it will grow back but I for sure don’t want anyone to thin out my hair ever again. Even if they say they need to I’ll demand them to not touch the thinning shears or they can forget about a tip and me ever going back. I will go back to her come December but I’ll tell her just a small trim and don’t thin my hair other wise I just won’t go back to her simple as that.

This is the reason why I was slightly hesitant in getting my hair trimmed I knew it needed to be done but I hate when they talk you into things like thinning out the hair. I really have no reason to thin out my hair. My goal is to have thick long luscious hair. Not thin hair. I did find out tho that my hair is normal it’s not fine and it’s not course it’s just normal so that’s cool.

I also almost picked up a blonde hair dye today when I was at the drug store it was on sale and it looked to be the same kind almost I used back in 2005 when I went blonde but I resisted lol I’ll wait to go get it done maybe lmao.

So ya not in love with my hair but it will grow out and iv learned if they suggest something you can say no.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Not Happy With My Hair

  1. Thinning especially grows back quickly. I have TONS of hair and always used to get mine thinned, and it two weeks it was all thick again. it won’t take long at all to get the thickness back!

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