Yesterday was the second time my boyfriend and I have walked in the rain. No umbrella no rain coat just us walking in the rain from point A. To my house point B. There is something very romantic about walking in the rain with your partner as well relaxing.

More so when it’s warm rain and it’s a summers day. The first time was coming back from the movie theatre we took the bus and I was wearing flip-flops and jeans not thinking it would rain but it did and my feet were so soaked lol. But we held hands as we walked and talked.

This second time was yesterday afternoon. I wore ballet flats and this cute dress but I had hair product in my hair, I forgot to pack my umbrella as did he. I hoped it would not rain but no such luck. So as we left the drug store it had started to rain by the time we got on the bus and then got off to walk to my house it just starts to pour.

We went to a bus shelter and I called my dad to see if he could leave two towels by the front door so we could dry off. Once we left the bus shelter it just rained more and normally I would bitch but it was nice and romantic in a wet kind of way. Just the two of us walking hand in hand getting wet with nobody around.

It also reminds me of the notebook when the two main characters get caught in the rain. Something magical if you will. Once we got to my house and we were dried and relaxing in my room the rain stopped. After a while and the sun came out and this is what we saw from my bedroom window.


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