24 Hour Wear Makeup


You see this a lot all over the place makeup that can last for up to 24 hours. Personally I think leaving makeup on for that long is insane and really who is wearing makeup for that long. Also I would think that would be so bad for your skin.

Your skin needs to breath and if your wearing makeup that lasts that long I think you would be doing more harm and damage then good. There is also mascara that says it last 24 hours I think that is also bad. For me I don’t mind wearing makeup for when in going places but as soon as I get home and I’m done going out I wash my face.

I don’t think any makeup is worth wearing for that long of a time if anything remove your makeup wait a little bit then reapply. Let your skin breath a little and then layer it back on. That’s my thoughts on 24 hour makeup.

Over & Out


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