A Huge Thank You

One of my good friends that I have known for a handful of years now has been really amazing to me. She has sent me wigs she’s no longer using in mint condition. I have also bought a few off of her. We have never met in person but we talk over messenger on Facebook have spoken over the phone and we get along smashingly. One of these days I’d like to meet her and go for coffee and shoot the shit lol hang out.

She does amazing art such as photography. We became friends over on YouTube when I was vlogging and she was doing wig review videos and we have been internet friends ever since. She no longer does the wig reviews and I no longer vlog but here lol. We also follow each other on wordpress. I really value our friendship and so as a really big thankyou I bought her some flowers from a local flower shop near her home. There being delivered to her house today. But as I write this post its Friday afternoon.

So Marey when you read this hopefully the flowers have arrived to your door. And you love them as much as I do because I picked them out. Aren’t these lovely?


She loves bright colors as I do. And I know these will be a nice little pot of sunshine in her lovely home. Ok so there is no pot and it’s not sun but you get what I mean Ah haha ok maybe not that funny but ya lol. Once again a big thanks for being my friend.

Over & Out


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