Hello 181lbs

So I have made it down to 181 lbs. I can’t remember the last time I weighed this much to be honest with you. Heck maybe back in 2007 honestly I have no idea haha. I’m afraid to order clothing online because I really don’t know what size I am. I need to go and try things on before buying any new clothing. I told my mom a while back, would it not be funny If I go back to what I used to weigh which was like 175 ish. That was like back in my late 20’s. Well I’m not that far away from that now really. Nothing beats being slimmer and healthy that is for darn sure.

In total that’s 57 pounds gone. Crazy right? 57 pounds and to think when I started at 238 I thought just trying to shed 5 pounds was gonna be hard work I never thought when I started this weight loss path that Id ever get down to what I am now. And that every 5 pounds was a new goal. I’m so proud of myself of what I have done. But it is true what they say it takes hard work to lose the weight. It takes almost the same amount of time to gain it as it does to lose it. However I think it took me more time to gain it. And when I wanted to stop and give up I kept going. I tend to do that a lot with many things give up because its easy to give up. But it’s so well worth it to keep going and to reach your goals.

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Far left 238 lbs, left 225 lbs, middle 194 lbs, second right 193 lbs, far right 181 lbs.

485402_10152963156350587_1351489252_nimageimage-1img_1377photo 4


Over & Out


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