So I just bought this from Amazon.ca. I already have one but there is no real music to it and when I saw this one I thought oh it might be a tad more fun plus its different then her Walk Away The Pounds 7 Day Calorie Blast Dvd. Also all the reviews I read everyone loves it. I think it’s good to change it up so you don’t get so bored that you want to quit which is usually how I think. I get bored and want to move on to something else. So having this in my workout dvd collection will be great to have plus it came out last year. So hopefully the music I will know lol.

Its pretty amazing when you do use her dvds because you think how can I get in shape and lose weight by walking. But what you do in them really works and the funny thing is your like 24 minutes or 35 or whatever fly by. So this new one that I ordered shall be fun I think.

I rather enjoy her dvd and its great because it’s not hard to do or follow along too. But I did want something new and different music you can only hear the same stuff for so long till you’re like come on lady give me something new plus her dvds on Amazon are cheaper than anywhere else so far. And I just wanted to spend some money I love getting things in the mail that I can use LOL. So expect to see an update and review on this dvd when I get it in. I’ll test out some workouts and report back.

Over & Out and Happy Walking LOL


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