Leslie Sansone: Walk To The HITS Party Songs


My thoughts on this so far. Well it came in the mail today and of course I had to test run it. I did a little more than one mile because I was waiting for it to stop. But with this dvd it just posts an image on the screen of you finishing one mile. And then it keeps going. That’s the one thing I dislike about this dvd on the other one I own you have the option of doing a workout and then it ending. But with this one even though you click on the one mile it will then keep going. There is no start and stop so that’s the only thing I dislike about it.

Other than that I like the music so far. I have no reason to do the full 3 mile walk because I’m just needing to maintain. And the one mile is a brisk 15:10. The start of the dvd has a warm up workout and then it goes into the one mile or when you click the one mile you skip the warm up and she does a quick warm up. I got confused and was waiting for the dvd to stop after the one mile flashed on the screen but then kept going till I clicked on the dvd myself and saw that it was not going to stop. So you have to manually stop if you want to quit at the one mile. She does do a small cool down after the one mile so that’s good.

There are some new moves for sure in this dvd which I rather like but I have to tell you I was dripping of sweat. It’s definitely a workout and its fun, I rather like the music from what I have heard and I know the songs so that’s good too. I do think though if you want a high intensity workout this would be good, but of course you can go at your own pace also. So far I like it and will report if I ever decide to do the full 3 mile.

Over & Out


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