Clothing Sizes

So today I went down to one of my favorite clothing stores (Long Tall Sally). I tried on a pair of lift and shape skinny jeans in a size 10. Which fit perfectly but at their new hefty price of $95 bucks I put them back. The last three pairs I bought were $79 not sure why they hijacked the price but they did. I was not there to buy any jeans but I wanted to know what size I was. I then tried on a different pair of jeans again in a size 10 and they were to big so I tried the next size down in a 8. And they fit perfectly so its funny how one pair your one size and in the other your something else.

At least I know if I ever buy another pair of lift and shape I know I’m now a size 10 as for any other jean I will have to go into the store to try on. Instead of buying them online. My main reason for going was for this one jacket I saw online but when I got to the store they did not have any in stock. I also tried on a jean jacket in a 12 and that fit perfectly. So now I know what size I am in those since I have one that is a 16 and I’m drowning in it.

My red dress that I have I tried on last night and its a size 14 so I’m pretty sure I’m now a size 12. I did not try on any dresses at the store was not in the mood for that but I’m pretty sure I’m a 12. Anyways its just funny how clothing sizes range from one to the other. Also when you lose weight I never thought Id be fitting into a size 10 or an 8 for that matter it’s pretty freaking cool.

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