Re Review of Leslie Sansone: Walk To the Hits Party Songs


So tonight I did the second mile which then went on to the 3rd lol. I thought well I did the first mile the day I bought it so I wanted to try the 2nd and then have it go into the 3rd which it did. I did not care for the filler music that was between the songs. And I wish there was more party hits to be honest with you. Though I did enjoy the workout and was full of sweat by the time it was done. I thought the workout went by pretty quickly because of the upbeat music and it was nice for a change then watching the other dvd that I have of hers.

I also was able to workout along with everyone that was in the video tho there was one movement I was not that great at but nonetheless I kept marching on. Over all I would rate this dvd a 4 out of 5 stars. I would have rated it a 5 except that I disliked the filler music between songs. Will I buy more of her workout dvds yes because they work for me and I like the workouts.

Oh one thing to add I’m down to 180lbs now. In total that’s 58 pounds gone cya lol. That’s like a heavy dog or a big childs worth haha.

Over & Out


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