Dry Shampoo by Got2b


So today I went to good old Walmart and bought some of this. With tax it came to around $6 something. Any who I’ve been dealing with an oily scalp. And it turns out when you have an oily scalp not to wash your hair every single day. Because your scalp can produce more oil you need to skip a few days if can. And if you must wash then try using dry shampoo so I read.

So I picked up this stuff and sure it there is a bit of a white cast at first but once you work it into your scalp its gone. I personally like the smell of it. Though you need to work it into your roots with your fingertips and then brush it through. There was another one there that was clear which I may pick up at some point after I’m done with this can. But we shall see. This stuff is easy to use and hey if I can get away with not having to wash my hair everyday that would give my scalp some breathing room hopefully.

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2 thoughts on “Dry Shampoo by Got2b

  1. Dry shampoo has a lot of talc in it; using baby powder to absorb oil from hair on non-shampoo days is a trick that’s been around for decades. My grandmother used to do it! I like the sprays better though because it’s not SO MUCH white powder than you have to blend in.

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