Giving Back

So today I went with my mother to drop off some wigs to the Canadian Cancer Society. I had contacted them about a week or so ago to see where I could drop off some gently used wigs. The few that my friend gave to me don’t fit so well and I have a few that I’m just not using anymore and there in pretty decent condition. I’m sure someone who is dealing with hair loss could get some good use out of them. I have one that is a blonde shade with dark roots its like a boy cut. I have another one that is a mono top its an Amore wig brand with some touch up trimming it will look brand new I’m sure. I lace front ear to ear it’s just to small for my big old head and a headband wig that’s also to small for my head.

I had mailed some wigs off a year ago to a lady over in the states but this time I wanted to see if I could donate here in my city. I emailed the CCS and someone wrote me back with an address I could go and drop them off too. I kept 3 wigs for my self. Two bobs and my long semi curled wig. I say semi curled because I’m re curling the synthetic fibers with rollers and hot water. I had used a flat-iron to make it straight but it does not look so great. So at the moment its a testing wig lol. FYI the rollers and hot water method is turning out great. I’ll write another post about it and the finished results with pics.

My two bobs I kept one of them is my 100% hand tied lace-front wig the Victoria by Jon Renau. It’s probably my favorite wig of all time. And the way the back of my hair was cut I can still wear the wig and if some of my bio hair shows through it looks OK just looks a bit darker. And this other bob wig its a mono top that my friend gave to me. It’s a tad shiny but I’m gonna use some dry shampoo on it to dull the shine.

So I have a few options to play around with as my crazy growing out stage continues with my hair. I can’t be giving all my wigs away or Id be left with nothing. But the small few I have donated I feel great in doing and I know someone will be able to get good use out of the ones I dropped off. I feel great for donating especially to a great cause.

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2 thoughts on “Giving Back

    1. Yes Im sure they will. Now that I know where the place is, When I go to donate again I know where to go. They send the wigs over to the wig salon at one of the hospitals here in Ottawa so thats even better.

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