Stretch Marks

Why is it every time I watch Sex & The City I wanna blog lol. Any who I thought I would write about this wee topic because I have yet to read anything about it. So before I gained 60 pounds I was free from stretch marks except the ones from my growth spurts as a kid. Yes you read that right 60 pounds is the going number I’ve lost so far. Which puts me at 178 lbs to date back to the topic at hand. When I started to gain all the weight I noticed my skin stretching and giving me these very unpleasant marks. There on my upper thighs my arms and my stomach as well my love handle area.

Since losing all that weight I am now left with the unsightly marks. I almost want to call them my war marks because I put myself through gaining all that fat. If I had never ate my feelings and hated how I looked being that weight and felt and ate more I would not have such things on my body. Am I self-conscious about them no not really because I did it to my self but I rose above and put the hard work in losing all that weight.

Its funny though because when I was younger and thinner I thought Id never get fat. It would never happen to me and then when it did happen. I just kept going up in weight because I was un happy. I hated how I looked hated how my clothing fitted but I was so unhappy in the way of not wanting to put the work into getting fit. And I thought I love food and peanut butter and and and. Why should I have to workout or whatever why can’t I eat what I want and get the man I want and so forth. The stretch marks started to get a bit crazy and they were red it was really not appealing. And the skin rubbing between my upper thighs was getting on my nerves. And I was tired of looking prego when I can’t even get prego also to not getting the type of guys I wanted to date.

I had finally hit rock bottom after being disgusted looking in the mirror butt naked. Before jumping into the shower I was like ugh things need to change. Since putting in a year worth of hard work and eating smart and portion sizing my food and not to forget working out I now have a swimmers build to a degree because my body won’t be perfect but its a shit load better than what it was. I don’t have abs but I’m ok with that my tummy is as flat as its going to get. I’m probably in the best shape of my life and its all because of the work I put into getting this way.

Now its all about making sure things stay the way they are, I have said a few times about maintaining my weight but to be honest I think I’ve made my metabolism a boost because I’m not trying to lose more weight but the few pounds seem to be just coming off. I still have a cheat day. I still will drink wine here and there or have something sweet. And even will have chips on the odd occasion. I’m not following anyone’s diet or any of that crap. And still eating what I normally eat. I honestly am just doing my own thing with this whole getting in shape and eating better. I don’t think that cutting things out of your diet altogether is smart. However I also have IBS so I think that has played a small part in me losing weight as well. Because I can’t eat some things most people can.

I would have to say tho since I got off topic again is that I’m not ashamed of getting those stretch marks but I wish they were less. I also have to say I have a little extra skin on my tummy I’m not pleased with but its nothing crazy. And am thankful I did not gain more to have sagging skin. I will never get back to being 238. Hello 178 on a good day LOL.

Just Believe In Yourself & You Can Do Anything.

Over & Out


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