Gel Nails Part Two

I went with my mother today as she was getting her nails done the name of the salon was called Star Nails. It’s this small little nail shop. We have never been there before it was our first time going. My Mother was getting a mani pedi combo done. I decided I did not want to get one done and I change my mind all the freaking time so I waited for my mother since it was pouring out.

However the smell that was in there was enough to make you not want to breathe. One of the customers was getting acrylic tips and the fumes that were in the air stunk so bad. I had to almost breath through my mouth it stunk that bad. One of the ladies that was in the nail salon spoke just like this comedian did in her comedy sketch. It’s so funny its a must watch.


After getting home with my mother I decided to make an appointment over at the nail salon near my house called Beauty Nails. I had gone a year ago and got gel tips. They were purple and fun but did not last and I had removed them my self. It was not pretty and ya. But this time around I wanted to get them since I’ve been having problems in growing the damn things out. And I will be going back for sure since I’m in love with them now. Also the nail technician did some free hand art work on both of my ring fingers. And lucky for me did not charge me the extra for it.

When I went last year I’m pretty sure she did my nails back then. She did not charge me the extra fee. For the nail art which was $5. For coloured tips its $10 extra for just the white tips its $45. In total with a tip it cost me $55. Which is not that bad for a full set. Also there was like hardly anyone there and it’s a much bigger space then the place my mother and I went to. Better air flow as well which I think is important.


So once my nails grow out a bit then I’ll go back and get the gel mani which I was told will last a few weeks. Without the gel tips by that point I’m hoping my nails will be pretty and I won’t need the tips. I love how she did the artwork free hand. She also said she’s not good at cooking but nails she knows how to do I laughed at that.

I’m loving having long nails again and my boyfriend likes them too.

Over & Out


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